10 Must-Have Online Tools for Business

An essential mission of every business is to increase profit via customer satisfaction improvement. But could it be considered as a simple task? Obviously, it couldn’t. For this reason, great managers never stop looking for online tools for business, which could drive a company to the next level.

Digital world changed the way of doing business and made it more effective. Consequently, most of the modern businesses depend on the information technologies, regardless of the industry, in which they operate. This article will tell you about ten must-have services, which have a superpower to enhance the productivity of any company.

Project Management 

The success of the business greatly depends on the people, because only qualified workers can deliver the best results. Thus, every project starts with hiring and task assignment processes.

#1 Upwork

Upwork is a freelance platform, which allows companies to hire the best professionals in the fastest and simplest way. Experts in software development, interior design, SMM, SEO, data visualisation, 3D modelling and other fields are all gathered in one place.  The comfy payment system, reliable reviews, and opportunity for cooperation with the overseas specialists – there are just a few benefits of this freelance service.

#2 Kanbanchi

When a dream team is hired, it’s time to make a strategic plan and put it into action. According to the numerous reviews, Kanbanchi is the best tool to use for online collaboration and project management. This service offers to utilise a simple Gantt chart for a complex task to visually represent an entire project.  

The best part of Kanbanchi app is its integration with Google Drive and Google ecosystem. Can you imagine how simple project management could be if you can share created boards with your team via Drive in just a few clicks? Try Kanbanchi today to boost productivity at your business in the fastest and the most effective way.

#3 GetGoodGrade

This tool is useful for those projects, which require quality text content: product reviews, page descriptions and blog posts. Highly experienced writers at GetGoodGrade can deliver great work even when deadlines are extremely short. Thanks to their professionalism, perfectly crafted SEO content get top-rated placements on the search engines.

Collaboration with Suppliers

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum; they always interact with numerous suppliers and face various issues. Today, digital technologies work on ensuring a smooth communication flow between the collaborating businesses.

#4 InvoiceOcean

It is a wise decision to use new service InvoiceOcean for issuing and sorting invoices and other payment documents in a hassle-free way. This tool securely saves all the data in the cloud. So, it makes it easy to reach the invoices, and communicate with contractors from any available device in the world.

#5 RewardedEssays

Sharing valuable information with the suppliers is a great way to build a good relationship. Business can apprise contractors about the launching of new products, sales promotions and changes in key personnel via news articles. RewardedEssays is a professional writing service, which helps with the creation of such kind business-oriented content.
If business cooperates with the overseas suppliers, it is important to translate news articles and other documents correctly. IsAccurate is a service, which helps to choose the best translation firm.

Reaching out to Clients

Effective communication with the clients is the only right way to business success. For this reason, a business should utilise the best online tools for business to reach out to the target audience and improve the loyalty. 

#6 MailChimp

Email campaign remains an essential element of the marketing strategy. And MailChimp is still one of the best services, which helps to create eyes-catchy newsletters.
This tool is highly recommended by Forbes, because it allows using templates, setting up filters and managing lists of contacts. Besides, when MailChimp is configured properly, emails successfully avoid the spam folder.

#7 FlashEssay

For getting high results from email marketing campaign, it is important to focus attention on content quality. The text of the letter should be informative, exciting and free from any typos and grammatical errors.
FlashEssay is a service, which provides businesses with the professionally written newsletters of various types. If you feel that your emails are not good enough or if you have a lack of time to create a template on your own, FlashEssay will become your magic wand.

Catching Investor’s Attention

Businesses work hard to be noticed by wealthy investors to raise funds for business development. Digital technologies are not able to solve this issue completely. However, they have the power to ease the process of the grabbing investor’s attention.

#8 Product Hunt

Product Hunt is an extremely useful service for startups, which want to share their ideas with the world. This platform is recommended by The Guardian, as a tool, which helps businesses to attract potential clients and investors.

Moreover, Product Hunt should be used by every company for keeping up to date with the developing technologies and revolutionary apps.

#9 SupremeDissertations

Perfectly designed presentation and well-rehearsed speech are must-have tools to impress the shareholders. SupremeDissertations provides professional services in this field. It assists businesses with designing the bright PowerPoint Presentations and persuasive speeches, which can conquer the board of directors.

#10 HotEssayService

And the last, but not the least important tool for communication with the potential investors is HotEssayService. It offers professional proofreading and editing services, which must be used for checking every presentation and textual document.

A wealthy investor will never start a contract with your business if there are numerous typos in a business plan. So, you should take this issue seriously. You can compare the alternative writing and proofreading tools, their ratings and prices at RatedByStudents.


The high quality of work, efficiency of the time usage and smooth communication are three key elements to success. If your business has stopped developing, it’s time to take the opportunities offered by online tools. The hiring processes, communication with the suppliers, buyers and investors can be much easier and pleasurable. Don’t miss a chance to utilise 10 online tools for business listed above and increase the profitability of your company.

Bio: Christopher Mercer is a creative blog writer for Citatior. He is passionate about researching breakthrough technologies, which can change the world for the better. He writes fascinating articles about new service and apps, which are useful for everyone, who works in the fields of business and education.

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August 1, 2018 11:52 am

Hi Christopher, I do appreciate your work. The post was really useful for me and my business (especially Collaboration with Suppliers section). Thank you very much!

    September 7, 2018 10:09 am

    Hi Kristin, thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂

Angela Johnson
August 1, 2018 12:05 pm

It’s great that you bring your readers a round-up of the top online tools for business. I’m sure all of them are great tools for a business success. It really makes the process of hiring, communication with the suppliers, buyers and investors easier than ever before.

    September 7, 2018 10:10 am

    Hi Angela,

    I’m glad you found my post useful! Thanks for the feedback.

Daren Lee
September 27, 2018 10:54 am

These are the helpful tools for every business.

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