Complex Gantt Solution or just a Kanban Board?


What if your project manager is desperate for a Gantt solution while others are keen to just shuffle tasks? Can you keep everyone happy?

Different departments – different needs

Different departments within one company can have wildly varying needs. Indeed, you can read the dialogue above and insert almost anything else instead of the word “tests”. Articles, research, features, papers etc…

On the one hand, team leaders and project managers need to plan tasks and understand their timing. This means that they tend to use Gantt charts to stay on top of things.

On the other hand, not everyone will be particularly bothered about seeing their tasks on the timeline. Is there a way of getting the best of both worlds? Can you give everyone what they want?

Powerful Gantt chart and Kanban board integration

Well, Kanbanchi has a Gantt chart integrated with a kanban board. This powerful combination can satisfy everyone. People simply choose which options are crucial for them. All this comes in one neat tool, which makes it beneficial for the whole company as everyone works in the same app. There is no need to integrate several tools.

That initial, awkward dialogue would have never happened if these people had used Kanbanchi. Let’s suggest Amanda creates a kanban board with all her 5 tests and puts in the start and due dates. She can effortlessly create lists that will be useful for her. Finally, her working board will look like this.

We have seen that Steve needs to understand the timing of these tasks. To do this, he can switch from a kanban view to a Gantt chart view. He will immediately understand which tests are being performed now and which will be performed later, without even asking Amanda. He will see a chart like this one.

Steve could also set dependencies on a Gantt chart, to understand which tests should be finished or started in order to start or finish another one. These dependencies will be reflected with arrows.

Real-time collaboration

All of the changes will be reflected in real time. Amanda and Steve will simply collaborate on the same board in different views. Both of them can set up notifications and keep up with all the changes using any view.



They can save each other’s time by leaving comments right on the cards that represent each task that has to be done. They can ask questions or just leave comments that will help their colleagues to understand the task.

These are just some of the functional aspects that should be taken into account when choosing the application. However, the interface is likely to be a very important matter for some. People choose software for its appearance and usability. This is undoubtedly an area that Kanbanchi excels in.

The tool made for G Suite users

Another of the great features that Kanbanchi offers, apart from the Gantt chart and Kanban views integration, is the G Suite integration. The app lives in your Google Drive and becomes a part of the Google ecosystem. This means that you can easily attach files from yoour Drive and also you will see Kanbanchi in the list of all your apps.

No time to hesitate

If you have been searching high and low for a Gantt solution for your company then it is time to try Kanbanchi. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that it covers the needs of many different users and departments, not only those that want to see a Gantt chart.

At the end choosing the complex tool instead of just a board with tasks you will save your time, your employees resources and your company will be known for the effective planning.

If you would like to adopt Kanbanchi across your company, you may start right now.

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