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Kanbanchi is #1 tool for real-time teamwork in G Suite. Powered by deep integration with G Suite, it provides an advanced feature set, including project scheduling with Gantt Chart, workflow management with Kanban boards, monitoring team’s progress with Time Tracker and more.

Secure to the core

Your data is private and secure. Kanbanchi is built on Google’s infrastructure using the same technology and tools used at Google. It meets rigorous privacy and compliance standards that test for data safety, privacy, and security. All data is sent to and from the servers over a secure, bank-level SSL/HTTPS connection. 

Deployed effortlessly

 G Suite Admin can deploy Kanbanchi companywide from G Suite Marketplace with just one click. Once installed, Kanbanchi is accessible through the App launcher to everyone in the organisation. Users sign in with their corporate Google accounts and start working right away.

kanbanchi enterprise on for everyone


Scalable for your growth

Kanbanchi is built on a scalable and robust infrastructure, and scales automatically based on need, from zero to millions of users. It will accommodate your growth and add more capacity as workloads increase. Individual approach to each organisation and flexible value-based pricing will ease the challenge of bringing more users on board. Contact us to discuss pricing.

Customised as necessary

Not getting enough from Kanbanchi? Whatever features you most want on here, you can get them added to Kanbanchi to transform the app into exactly what your business needs. Be it special-purpose board templates, custom-built features or bespoke integrations with your internal software – Kanbanchi Enterprise option has this covered. Contact us to discuss your functionality needs.

Support all the way through

Our committed team constantly improves the app to help enterprises work more efficiently, collaborate smarter and perform better than ever before. A designated account manager will understand your organisation’s business objectives and the team of Kanbanchi onboarding specialists will work closely with you all the way through Kanbanchi roll-out.

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