Enterprise ready features

We have all you need to smoothly adopt Kanbanchi in your organisation

Single sign-on

Unified account allows access to Google Workspace integrated applications


Kanbanchi complements Google Workspace ecosystem. Customised integrations with other enterprise applications can be delivered upon request

Deployment options

Kanbanchi provides flexible options for hosting and managing. Private instance can be granted on request

Product assortment

Individual approach to each enterprise and flexible value-based pricing will ease the challenge of bringing more users on board

Reports & Analytics

Analyse projects to demonstrate performance and current status

Support all the way through

A designated Account Manager works closely with you all the way through your Kanbanchi roll-out. Users receive priority support with a highly personalised service

Team management

Collaborate with coworkers in an account that is centrally managed

Secure to the core

Kanbanchi is built on Google’s infrastructure. It meets rigorous privacy and compliance standards that test for data safety, privacy, and security

GDPR compliant

Control over personal data is provided

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Kanbanchi is a highly-rated project management app for Enterprise

Enterprise features to boost your business

Google Workspace integration

to involve the whole company

Real-time changes

to be on the same page


to monitor team progress

Gantt charts

to think strategically

Board templates

to make processes faster

Kanban boards

to support your workflow

Shared Drives integration

to collaborate better

And 32 more helpful features

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