Making Google Workspace better for teams

Google Workspace lacks a native project management tool. That means it can be difficult to “join the dots” and create a streamlined process that allows teams to work together efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re managing a small team, overseeing a large-scale project, or strategizing for an entire organization, Kanbanchi brings synergy and agility to Google Workspace.

Christopher H Founder CEO at ArtiKen

“*THE* software of choice for project management!”

“It’s just extremely integrated with Google Workspace. There is also zero learning curve. Customer support is incredible. Enhancement requests are implemented quickly. And the price is just unbeatable. It’s a must-have!”

Christopher H, Founder | CEO at ArtiKen

Built for integrated teams & well-managed projects

User-friendly & easy to master

Kanbanchi reproduces the simple and streamlined interfaces of the Google Apps family.

Team members will adapt immediately, while project managers can delve into sophisticated and powerful “under the hood” features

Collaborate and manage tasks on Project Boards

Integrated Kanban Boards help team members visualize tasks, improve prioritization, and enhance collaboration and cohesion.

Streamline your workflows, reduce task confusion, and deliver your projects more efficiently.

Efficiently plan and monitor projects via Gantt Chart

Get better oversight with a clear project timeline that helps you organize and monitor tasks more effectively.

Simplify complex projects with one-click resource allocation, highlighted project dependencies, and comprehensive progress tracking.

Stick to your schedule with the Time Tracker

Track the time spent on tasks and gauge your team’s progress and productivity.

Integrates directly with Google Calendar to help you plan and coordinate better.

Stay informed with progress tracking 
 and reporting

Keep on top of all aspects of your project with relevant data and analytics.

Report progress to project stakeholders with valuable information and insights.

Collaborate on the go

Kanbanchi works great on mobile devices.

Manage tasks and projects via the app on your Android or iPhone.


Security matters

Many vendors talk about “security by design.” But each time you move your sensitive files to another vendor, you’re taking chances… Because it is not IF it happens, it is WHEN.

If security matters to you, Kanbanchi is your best option.

We have a SOC 2 Type II report performed by an independent auditing firm. It certifies that our security policies and controls continuously meet the highest industry standards.

Contact us to get a copy of the latest report.

We are committed to GDPR compliance.

Learn more about GDPR in Kanbanchi, including information about our practices and sub-processors, from our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

We follow the rules set by HIPAA, as Kanbanchi doesn’t store data within it’s application. The data is stored in your Google Drive or the Google Cloud Platform project.

Learn more about Google Cloud HIPAA compliance.

We process all payments through our payments provider, Braintree. You can find more details about their security set up and PCI compliance on their Data Security Page.

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Step 2

Master in 5 minutes

The intuitive interface is instantly familiar to Google users.

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Kanbanchi seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace apps

Worried your team won’t adapt? No need to. Kanbanchi integrates directly into Workspace’s GUI for an intuitive, easy-to-learn experience.

  • Create tasks from Gmail and send them to your Kanban board

  • Set start and due dates with Google Calendar

  • Store project assets & backup project boards to Google Drive

  • Archive project data to Google Vault

Kanbanchi is the top-rated task management app on Google Marketplace

Here’s why our users love it

Lionel Matsuya

Great software, excellent implementation. The price paid is really worth it for the G Suite integration. There are free alternatives, but they are unlikely to have the same level of integration. Using it as a separate window and standalone app is possible, and makes for a great experience.

Tony Doubtfire

Great tool and it just keeps getting better. The team are very responsive and always open to new ideas !

Ben Bahrami

Great Software, easy to use and easy to teach to the staff at any level. Very flexible and can be applied to many different projects in different fields. It is great for standard start up level day to day project management and it gives you a reasonable Gantt chart. Could use an advanced user access level setting.

Derek Arsenault

Perfect app for our department!

Conor C.

I enjoy the way everything is visual, colours, icons, completion status. It makes it easy to get an overview very quickly.

Nathan Beebe

Couldn’t imagine using anything else, so simple and usable.

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Kanbanchi Enterprise

Improved company-wide task management, project management & collaboration for large organizations using Google Workspace.