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Who uses Kanbanchi?

Startup Team

Hi, i am Ricardo. As a founder of an Start up you have a lot to do with your team. Even harder if your team is like mine dislocated. In the beginning a lot of people are joining and leaving the team. Kanbanchi fits for that great. It boosts our productivity, without any legal compliance issues about private or corporate use and is really cost effective. It help us to focus on necessary tasks, solving a lot of work amount and finally make a lot of fun.

Ricardo Cali,

Kanban and Agile Practitioners

Hi, my Name is Mike, R&D Director in NuWorks Interactive Labs. Kanbanchi allows us to organise our ever-changing user stories and quickly share those changes with the team via google drive. This seamlessly integrates to our workflow for creating from full software solution to rapid app prototypes Kanbanchi totally replaced our previous IT Service Tracking system. It is simple and very easy to use. New IT personnel can begin taking in task immediately.

Michael Ng, Nuworks Interactive Labs

Product Managers

I’m Davide and I am a product manager at Kanbanchi helps me on a daily basis to streamline my work and to keep all relevant information organized and centralized.

Davide Livraghi,

Teachers and Students

I'm Veronica Tadeo and I teach eager 7th and 8th graders at a public school in Santa Maria, CA. My students use Kanbanchi for the writing process, for team work, and for project based learning. I use Kanbanchi in a unique way - each class has access to one dashboard to use visual progress as an intrinsic motivator.

Veronica Tadeo,

Productivity Hackers

Hey my name is Jon, as a graduate student I discovered Kanbanchi while looking for a tool to help me keep my work, school, and extracurricular activities organised. Kanbanchi changed the way I work. It encourages me to focus on what's important now, visualise my goals along a time a time period, and effectively track my progress. Kanbanchi helps me filter out that which is not truly important. This will change the way you see your work forever.

Jon Blackwell, graduate student

Project Managers

Hi, I'm Serge Fraguas, and I'm a project manager at a French retailer.Point of Sales and small to medium-sized transversal projects within IT or with the Business teams are my daily basis. My company went "full Google" a couple of years ago and I needed a tool that could be accessible enough when shared with people with different backrounds, and yet powerful enough. Kanbanchi does just that, with an impressive UI and UX that make it so easy, even for non technical people, to dive into the project itself without having to deal with all the complications.

Serge Fraguas,

Kanbanchi is the most highly rated app on Google marketplace in task management category with 2000+ reviews on G-Suite marketplace.