Many vendors talk about “security by design.” But each time you move your sensitive files to another vendor, you’re taking chances… Because it is not IF it happens, it is WHEN.

When you use Kanbanchi, your files stay on YOUR Google Drive. Authentication is managed by Google, and we do not store your passwords. Boards are encrypted by default and sit in Google Cloud.
If security matters to you, Kanbanchi is your best option.


SOC 2 Compliance

We have a SOC 2 Type I report performed by an independent auditing firm. It certifies that our security policies and controls continuously meet the highest industry standards.

Contact us to get a copy of the latest report.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We are committed to GDPR compliance.

Learn more about GDPR in Kanbanchi, including information about our practices and sub-processors, from our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

HIPAA Compliance

We follow the rules set by HIPAA, as Kanbanchi doesn’t store data within it’s application. The data is stored in your Google Drive or the Google Cloud Platform project.

Learn more about Google Cloud HIPAA compliance.

We also have clients from healthcare industries successfully using Kanbanchi for over five years, including tracking clinical research data.

PCI DSS Compliance

We process all payments through our payments provider, Braintree. You can find more details about their security set up and PCI compliance on their Data Security Page.

Privacy Compliance

We are serious about our privacy obligations and the protection of your information.

Learn more from our Privacy Policy.

Data Protection

We are committed to the data protection practices that help to keep your data safe and always under your control.

Infrastructure Security

Kanbanchi uses Google Cloud Platform, a world leader in providing cloud services with uptime of more than 99%, to ensure that your information remains private, secure, and available. Additionally, we perform weekly vulnerability scans and annual penetration tests.

Data Encryption

All Kanbanchi web application communications are encrypted with Transport Level Security (TLS). All data for Kanbanchi is encrypted at rest.

Monitoring & Logging

We use Google Cloud Monitoring and Google Cloud Logging, which allow us to identify problems fast and deliver solutions within a short timeframe.

Organizational security & Confidentiality

All Kanbanchi employees receive ongoing training in information security, data privacy, and password security. We include a confidentiality clause in all employee and contractor agreements.

Product Security & Access

Our user management controls help you control the platform’s access and stay secure.

Google Authentification

Our user management panel helps you control the platform’s access and stay secure. With built-in tools and automatic protection from Google, it is very easy but extremely safe to sign in.

Google Cloud & Drive

Kanbanchi stores your boards in Google Cloud with built-in protection against malware, spam and ransomware. Files attached to boards stay in your Google Drive.

Google Vault

Kanbanchi boards & backups follow the retention rules and can be part of holds in Google Vault within your corporate Google infrastructure.

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