With Kanbanchi, teachers, students, and members of staff organise multi-step projects, visually monitor the progress on shared boards and communicate with each other.

*Essential Task Management & Collaboration features with unlimited boards, cards and collaborators are free for educational use. Professional plan with Project Planning & Time Tracking is available with a 50% academic discount. See pricing or  contact us to learn more.


Handy templates to start with

Open a template, click on its title and choose "Copy to my Google Drive". Enjoy! :)

Classroom Newsletter

This template will help keep parents up-to-date with classroom activities.

Lesson Planning

The template for smooth planning of your next lesson.

Classroom work

Use this template to organise the work in the classroom.

Guides to implementing Kanbanchi in the classroom

Managing writing process with Kanbanchi

Veronica Tadeo adopted Kanbanchi to fit her classroom needs. These include long-term task management such as writing process pieces, essays and projects. In her video she shows how she uses Kanbanchi for these tasks.

Project Based Students

Sergio Villegas is an Educational Technology Leader. Here is a presentation he delivers on EdTechTeam Global Summits featuring Google for Education. Educators find it valuable and applicable right away. Search on Twitter with #gafesummit hashtag to read dozens of thankful tweets.

Preparing for your PBL Lesson

We want to help you implement your first (second, third or 54th) lesson plan around project based learning with real project management software baked into the lesson plan.

Project-based lesson with Kanbanchi (video)

Walking you through how to use Kanbanchi for project-based learning card-by-card. Simple beginner tutorial to implementing Kanbanchi in the classroom.

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