Works with Google Drive

With Kanbanchi, teachers, students, and members of staff organise multi-step projects, visually monitor the progress on shared boards and communicate with each other



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Handy templates to start with

Open a template, click on its title, choose Board settings and "Copy to my Google Drive". Enjoy!

Classroom Newsletter

This template will help keep parents up-to-date with classroom activities

Use template

Lesson Planning

The template for smooth planning of your next lesson

Use template

Classroom Work

Use this template to organise the work in the classroom

Use template

Guides to implementing Kanbanchi in the classroom

Project-based lesson with Kanbanchi

Walking you through Kanbanchi for project-based learning card-by-card. This is a simple beginner tutorial to implementing Kanbanchi in the classroom

Education features to streamline your PBL processes

Unlimited Kanban boards and cards

Google Calendar integration

Google Drive attachments

Email & In-app notifications

Real-time changes

And other helpful features

Our users in Education

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Teachers love Kanbanchi

Dalton Flanagan


Anyone looking for an adaptable app development or project planning tool? Check out @Kanbanchi. It works great in the @GoogleForEdu environment. There is a free version for educators at

Shayla Adams-Stafford


What if every student in your class was doing a totally different project? Maker Educators @teachercush and @wilsandrea tell us how they use @Kanbanchi with #alternativeeducation students to help keep their Passion Based Projects on track! #edchat

Micah Carlin-Goldberg


You might try for managing group projects. I saw a GAFE Summit presentation on it. It looks cool. Integrates w/drive

Claire Buist

@MsBeenz! Loving it for our Kahui work… Teams across schools able to check in regularly due to the digital Kan Ban board

Melissa Kondrick


@Kanbanchi + @coach_sv for #pbl = AMAZING!! What a cool Drive app to add to your classroom. #gafesummit @edtechteam

Mrs. T. Diaz


Want Ss 2 monitor their projects? @Kanbanchi works! Many tools for students to self-monitor. #smbsd #studentagency

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