About Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi started life in 2014, as an exciting new project for our software development company, Magic Web Solutions. We had been developing software for SaaS startups for 20 years, so it was time for us to put that experience to the test by creating our own product.

Kanbanchi Ltd was set up in 2016. We launched a paid version of the product in that same year.

Since then, Kanbanchi has grown organically, by reinvesting all of the profit into developing the product.

Serving our niche audience of G Suite users remains our primary focus. Deep integration with the G Suite ecosystem and a familiar Google interface allows easy adoption of Kanbanchi.

A client-driven approach to product development has helped us to build up strong relationships and receive consistently excellent feedback. We take great pride in replying to all queries speedily, and in adapting to each client’s unique needs.

Our overall goal is to carry on creating sophisticated project management tools, without sacrificing the usability of light-weight task management. We will continue to put the emphasis on looking after our clients while seeking innovative ways of giving them exactly what they need.

For partnership and other queries, please feel free to get in touch using our contact page.