ABC Startup Guide: Taking First Steps

I guess that everyone comes to the idea of running their own business in different ways. For some people it is to fulfil a lifelong passion while for others it may be that they get bored being an employee in someone else’s company. However, we all start with searching of a startup guide of some kind to make sure we haven’t missed some important points.

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3 Key Aspects of Technology that Small Business Owner Should be Aware of

small business

In every aspect of life, the rapid progress of technology has made what was cutting-edge a number of years ago virtually obsolete today. The world of business has proved no exception to this rule with ground-breaking innovations rolling out seemingly every couple of months and for those that can keep up with this rate of change, the scope of opportunity has never been greater.

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Caffeinating the Scientific Method

If you’re paying attention, at all, you’ve noticed that coffee is getting REALLY geeky. Coffee aficionados and professionals alike are talking about brew ratios, brew times, water temperature, and grind size. Not to mention the variety of brewing gear on the market; burr grinders versus blade grinders, V60s versus the Aeropress versus a Chemex, and we haven’t even started in on the beans! It used to be Arabica and Robusta, but now you have people talking about cultivar and terroir like they’re describing fine wines. Any good piece of science has some experimentation behind it, here are our favorite stories about science and coffee.

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Visit Kanbanchi Developers and get to know the team!

You have probably heard about brilliant minds of Russian software developers, and certainly used the software created by them at some point in your life. That’s without any doubt a very positive fact. Is there anything else positive about Russia that would make you want to visit the country? That’s the real question. Most members of Kanbanchi team are based in Russia, and we love it here. That is why we created this spectacular video for you, which will challenge your perception of our country. Watch it now to check whether your vision of Russia has anything to do with reality.

P.S. We’d be glad to get to know Kanbanchi users in person and show you Saratov. Come visit! 🙂