How can I use Kanbanchi on a mobile device?

Kanbanchi can be used on a mobile device. All you need to do is open Kanbanchi in a mobile browser.

Quick access from the home screen can be configured in most browsers. Just open browser settings and choose “Add to home screen”. You will see the Kanbanchi icon on the home screen.

Kanbanchi mobile interface Kanbanchi mobile interface

Additionally, you switch from the mobile version to the desktop one in case you need a bigger visual.  To switch, open browser settings and check in the checkbox beside the “Desktop site” option.

We kindly ask you to give the Kanbanchi mobile-friendly browser version a try. The version contains all Kanbanchi features. We do care about your Kanbanchi experience on mobile devices. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us and share why in your opinion a dedicated mobile app will be a better option than using Kanbanchi in a mobile browser.

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