Does Google Workspace Have an Intuitive Gantt chart?

Kanbanchi is an online application that helps companies and individuals that extensively use Google Workspace. It provides a set of crucial tools for task management, project management, and team collaboration.

One of the main advantages is that the two powerful technologies like Gantt chart and Kanban board come in one subscription, and moreover, are synchronized in real-time. Add a seamless integration with the Google Workspace environment to that and you get the most auspicious app!


The Importance of Using Gantt Charts

Some people underestimate the abilities of Gantt charts. They perceive them as complicated and unnecessary. It may be true for some small projects but it may also be that they just haven’t found the right Gantt chart app. Actually, Gantt charts are very helpful in achieving your goals. They show you the whole schedule of your project with all planned activities and allow you to see relations between these activities and the milestones that you will be passing while executing a project.

When you see everything in detail laid in front of you as a clear visualization, you have a bigger picture in your head. Gantt charts may play a great role in finding any possible bottlenecks and adjusting your project activities. They also eliminate the problem of tracking different tasks that seem almost not related to each other. When you have all of them in one place and in a simple trackable form of cards on the timeline, you feel naturally more in control.

Does Google Have A Gantt Chart?

Google provides a wide range of apps for businesses like Docs, Spreadsheets, Gmail. Google Workspace is a great combination of the most useful tools. However, the option of creating Gantt charts with the help of Google apps only is very limited. If you have a technical background you may use Google API to insert Gantt charts into Documents.

The majority of Google Workspace users have no or scarce technical knowledge and would appreciate having a simple app that will help them to create a Gantt chart in less than 15 minutes. Ease of use becomes the most important factor nowadays. You don’t want to invest money in software and then invest money in teaching your team how to use it.


Is There a Gantt Chart Tool for Google Workspace?

Kanbanchi equips teams with the functionality of a Gantt chart application and those of a Kanban board combined in one software. It is also built-in the Google Workspace ecosystem and allows teams to start using the app from the very first day they see it. A familiar interface and the logic of the application behavior eliminate any learning curve.

Create project plans with the help of the Gantt chart and have an overview of all the activities. Then use the Kanban board to distribute these activities between your team members and track tasks completion. Your teamwork will become easier if you have the extra power of the Gantt chart + Kanban board combination.


Example of the Gantt chart in Kanbanchi


Kanban board synchronized with the Gantt chart


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Built-into the Google ecosystem

Kanbanchi requires no more than your Google account to sign up and log in.

Google Drive integration

Helps you to collaborate on your tasks with your colleagues as easy as you share files with them.

Google Calendar integration

Allows you to set up reminders in your familiar way (not mentioning the in-app notifications).

Easy deployment for big companies

As easy as a pie: just one click in the G Suite admin panel.

Intuitive and familiar interface

Helps you to start using the app right almost without any learning curve.

Friendly and available support

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