Gmail Project Management with Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi for Gmail Add-On helps converting emails to tasks in one click

Copy and paste no more! Kanbanchi for Gmail add-on saves your time by sending your emails straight to the project board you need. Watch a short video to learn how easy and quick it goes.

Separate conversations and actions

The Kanbanchi for Gmail add-on makes your team’s collaboration faster. It keeps your inbox and project boards connected to boost your productivity.
It’s super easy, just open a message in Gmail then click the Kanbanchi add-on icon to get started. With Kanbanchi for Gmail, nothing is lost in your inbox.

  • Convert your emails into tasks in Kanbanchi in a single click
  • Send your turned into action emails to any of your Kanbanchi boards and lists
  • Observe the subject lines becoming card titles and email bodies being added as card descriptions automatically and edit them if needed

7500+ users at launch

The very first day on Gsuite marketplace, Kanbanchi add-on was installed by many individual and corporate users. The add-on may be installed for domains by Gsuite administrators.


How Kanbanchi for Gmail Add-on helps you with tasks?

Easily convert email discussions to Kanbanchi cards and email them directly to project boards

Team management

Follow your team's progress on boards and be sure your emails will be added to them

Time management

Sending emails directly to project boards saves your and your team's time

Smooth collaboration

Combine email communications with project management app


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