Why “google project management” is among the most popular search queries?

Kanbanchi App answers this question

Many companies are going Google these days. G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) is one of the most popular enterprise office suites. But does it cover all the needs that a company might have? Why “google project management” is among the top search queries? What are people searching for? Learn more about Kanbanchi – a project management tool that complements G Suite and helps to manage projects in those companies that choose to go Google.



Google project management, google task management and google time management – are among the trends now.

Going Google. All this fuss about going Google is not there just for going Google itself. We believe it’s more about adopting the collaborative approach and turning to a transparent workflow process in general. More and more companies (especially those of enterprise level) start to understand they might be stuck in bureaucracy and need some way out. But at the same time, such big companies have to perform some structural changes in their established working processes to switch to the new course. And when they choose to move forward with G Suite, they are no wonder desperate for a project management tool integrated with all the Google apps within it. It helps to make the shift less stressful and become even more productive in the new environment.

Why do they search? G suite pack doesn’t include any official tool for project management, that’s why you have to search for a solution that will suit the needs of your company. We believe that part of those performing “google project management” search want to actually find a tool compatible with Google apps while part of them are just looking for a way to manage projects with the help of Google apps.

Whatever the goal is they are likely to find something like on the screenshot below. We can see some project management tools at the search results, but none of them is made by Google.

How to choose the right one?

Okay, you’ve come to the point you need something to manage a project in our new Googlish environment within your company. But what to start with? As you might have noticed, Kanbanchi appears on the search results that I’ve shown you above.

Also, companies adopting G Suite and looking for a project management tool that is smoothly and seamlessly integrated with the pack, are searching on the G Suite marketplace. Performing search “project management”, you will get Kanbanchi on the first place.


Why choose Kanbanchi?

Kanbanchi being part of Google ecosystem is tightly integrated into Google Drive and is a part of the Google ecosystem. Creating boards for your projects is like creating files in your Drive – everything is here, visual and available for collaboration.

Built-into the Google ecosystem

Kanbanchi requires no more than your Google account to sign up and log in.

Google Drive integration

Helps you to collaborate on your tasks with your colleagues as easy as you share files with them.

Google Calendar integration

Allows you to set up reminders in your familiar way (not mentioning the in-app notifications).

Easy deployment for big companies

As easy as a pie: just one click in the G Suite admin panel.

Intuitive and familiar interface

Helps you to start using the app right almost without any learning curve.

Friendly and available support

Provides a solution to any issue (if you will ever have them).

It’s easy to deploy Kanbanchi for your domain whatever the size of your company is. It’s all done in the G Suite admin panel. People start working with Kanbanchi almost immediately because all you need to log in is your Google account and the interface is very intuitive and sometimes familiar to Google users. And if you need help, support team is always ready to help with webinars and training sessions. Real-time changes helps to reach the high point of effectiveness in collaboration and makes the workflow process smooth and transparent even in very big organisations. All your files are securely stored in your Google Drive, so you may not worry about the security at all.

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