If you need Google workspace project management app how to get it?

Just install Kanbanchi from Google Workspace Marketplace

All types of companies and freelancers that use Google Workspace for their everyday work after a while ask whether Google has its own project management app. Using project management apps helps to stay on top of updates, tasks, and deadlines. It might be really helpful not only for you and your team but even for your clients if you’re using the app for company project management. The only thing is that the Google Workspace project management app doesn’t exist yet. So you will have to look for a third-party alternative anyway.

What Project Management App Is The Best Choice For Google Workspace Users?

For companies using corporate Google Workspace, Kanbanchi for sure is the perfect fit. Kanbanchi is an online project management software with Google authorization. That is why to start using the App you just need to sign in with your Google account. No additional logins and passwords are needed. Kanbanchi seamlessly integrates with Google Apps and works smartly inside your Google Drive. It is just what teams in need of an online project management platform want.

As Kanbanchi keeps everything online on Google Cloud, it makes it easier to access your files from anywhere. Kanbanchi also provides a wide range of features for your team suitable to organize any kind of project, including project schedule, task management, resource management, and time tracking. That is great that the Google Cloud Platform makes it possible for Kanbanchi to combine all these features in a lightweight app that works inside your Google Drive.


Why Else Kanbanchi Is An Ideal Choice For Google Workspace Users?

Kanbanchi’s interactive task boards, gantt chart, and intuitive planning tools allow you to easily prioritize tasks, visualize project progress, and understand where bottlenecks might be. Plan out your projects with ease. Get real-time notifications of status updates. Easily share files both with your team members and clients. Chat in group sessions—all with the sleek interface you’ll love. This software is sure to make your team feel more connected, inspired, and productive.
Kanbanchi is the project management app you’ll actually enjoy working with. Kanban boards are incredibly effective at keeping teams productive. Try the app today and you will see how that will change the things around and boost your team productivity.

Other Kanbanchi Benefits

Built-into the Google ecosystem

Kanbanchi requires no more than your Google account to log in.

Google Drive integration

Helps you to collaborate on your tasks with your colleagues as easy as you share files with them.

Google Calendar integration

Allows you to set up reminders in your familiar way (not mentioning the in-app notifications)

Easy deployment for big companies

As easy as a pie: just one click in the Google admin panel.

Intuitive and familiar interface

Helps you to start using the app right almost without any learning curve.

Friendly and helpful support

Provides a solution to any issue (if you will ever have them).

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