How to increase productivity using online Kanban board?

Everything about Kanban benefits and how it can help your business.

Why do you need an online Kanban board?

In present-day realities it becomes harder to remain focused while tasks require undivided attention. Frequently, we can’t brush aside the distraction. As a result, we overlook important details. That is when applying a Kanban board you have high chances to significantly increase your productivity.


Originally, Kanban was invented to keep balance between demand and production at Toyota factories in the 1950s. However, over time Kanban has become an irreplaceable tool far beyond the motor industry. Obviously, the reason is that Kanban is an efficient method to keep track of tasks.


Initially, Kanban boards had a really basic structure and were represented on whiteboards with sticky notes on it. The main concept of Kanban is that you divide your work into three stages: Tasks to do, Tasks in progress, Completed tasks. Then you put the tasks in the first column and gradually move them to the last one.

However, modern online boards are not merely “To do – Doing – Done”. They serve to suit various use cases and can represent much more sophisticated processes. Therefore, they will equally well meet the needs of a team manager, business owner, team member or a teacher.

Certainly, it is perfect way to store and distribute tasks. Along with this, you may visualize and structure your workflow on Kanban boards. If necessary, you may easily relocate items and take more critical ones forward. Thus online boards take team collaboration to the next level.



Kanbanchi is an effective Kanban tool that makes your team more organized and productive. In addition, it is user-friendly and fits even Kanban beginners. Easy customizable, Kanbanchi can  represent your workflow with all the important task properties, e.g. status, priority and category.

What benefits does Kanbanchi have?

Kanbanchi is more than just an online Kanban board.

Tracks task dates in Google Calendar

Coordinated way to see deadlines in one place.

Integrates with Google services

Convert emails into cards, attach files and create spreadsheets.

Monitors tasks across projects

See all the cards you are interacting with in "My tasks".

Keeps data securely in Google Drive

Control who has access to your boards and files.

Familiar and intuitive interface

Get on board quickly and effortlessly.

Responsive support team

Friendly agents are ready to help.


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