Does Google have a task manager?

This question concerns all Google Workspace users. There is a solution - Kanbanchi.

What is a task manager?

The main mission of a task manager is to organize your work. It is an efficient way to see what should be done and in what timeframes. Above all, it gives you tools to manage tasks. Specifically, you have options for categorization and prioritization to focus on critical items or a specific project first. What’s more, a task manager is  an instrument to build a strategy and distribute the workload. Of course, a good task manager is a must for fruitful collaboration. Just pretend – all your teammates live in peace just because everyone is aware of their responsibilities and deadlines.

Many of us used simple to-do lists on good old sticky notes. However, that’s not the best choise to rely on outdated practices. Especially now when lots of teams have to collaborate from around the world and need to receive project updates in real-time. An online app is a perfect solution. If you are already using Google Workspace it is reasonable to choose a tool that integrates with the system you are already paying for. To make sure your team is on the same page consider an online task manager built specifically for Google users – Kanbanchi.

Task management is not a problem with Kanbanchi. Easy yet powerful, Kanbanchi combines the most popular tools for productivity. Even though a Kanban board is obviously the default view of the app it give the other options to view the data from different perspectives. For instance, you may see all the tasks in a list or build a Gantt chart. Flexible and easy to get onboard – your team will love Kanbanchi.

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Easy domain-wide deployment

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Easy navigation and custom look

Adjust boards for the needs of your project, fill it with colours.

Helpful support team

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