Everything you need

Deep integration with Google Apps, visual project scheduling with Gantt Chart, monitoring team’s progress with Time Tracker, securing projects with Backups and more features.

Secure to the core

Your data is private and secure. Kanbanchi is built on Google’s infrastructure using the same technology and tools used at Google. It means that Kanbanchi integrates security at its core. All data is sent to and from the servers over a secure, bank-level SSL/HTTPS connection. 

Scalable for your growth

Kanbanchi scales automatically based on need, from zero to millions of users. It will accommodate your growth and add more capacity as workloads increase.

Deployed effortlessly

Kanbanchi can be found on the G Suite Marketplace, where your G Suite Admin can effortlessly deploy it company-wide, as 5 thousand other organisations have done for their 1 million users.

enterprise gsuite marketplace

Support all the way through

Our committed team constantly improves the app to help enterprises work more efficiently, collaborate smarter and perform better than ever before. A designated account manager will understand your organisation’s business objectives and the team of Kanbanchi onboarding specialists will work closely with you all the way through Kanbanchi roll-out.

Customised as necessary

A feature-rich tool fine-tuned for your organisation’s needs is a keystone to success. Kanbanchi offers special-purpose dashboard templates, custom-built features and bespoke integrations for your enterprise. We can also build a private instance of Kanbanchi to fit your organisation’s processes and requirements. Learn more about Kanbanchi customisation option.

Organisations using Kanbanchi:

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