Top 3 Benefits From Using A Kanban App For Google Workspace

The Kanban method is a new way of handling project management. Businesses that use Google Workspace get to increase output and quality of work. It is not only a great project management tool, if you will try using the Kanban app to manage your projects, you will see that each member of your team and company as a whole benefit from it. It is very easy to set up and will help you and your colleagues to visualize tasks or projects. This is why some people call Kanban a “visualized workflow”.

In 2004 Taiichi Ohno invented Kanban. At that time he worked for Toyota Motor Corporation. Kanban’s main goal was to control and improve the production process in the company. So this task management method has been around for a while. But still, many businesses are yet to explore it. The Kanban methodology gives the opportunity to gain greater insight into your business through simple steps. This allows you to track progress and eliminate any problems. 

If you and your team are using a Google Workspace, then there’s no better way to increase productivity and easily collaborate than using a Kanban app like Kanbanchi. It is perfectly integrated with Google Workspace. All you need is to sign in with a Gmail account. You can manage and store your company’s boards on Google Drive, give permissions to your teammates or clients, add dates to Google Calendar, and much more awesome stuff. Project management will become so much easier. It is really great for visualizing and managing workflows. Kanban can improve work processes across all industries. You will be able to reduce costs, cut delays, boost efficiency, improve visibility, and much more. As you can see, Kanban has so many benefits for all types of companies.

And here are the top 3 benefits of Kanban for Google Workspace:

1. Better Visibility and Transparency For The Team

Visualizing the workflow is a particularly important aspect of the Kanban methodology. It is considered one of the main techniques for improving project management. The information is clear and descriptive and each task related to the project is displayed in a different color on the board. Apart from Kanban visuals, a lot of additional information can be dragged onto the project management Kanban board with ease. For example, any attachments, changes, and comments are easily dragged and dropped into this board, which makes it super easy to use. It allows a team to see what needs to be done now, in the very near future, as well as what tasks are coming up soon. This helps your team focus on tasks that are most important to you right now. Also, Kanban creates transparency by showing each team member’s progress on their active tasks.

Kanban tries to simulate some elements of the physical office, though in the digital world. Good Kanban apps help you visualize your workstream, complete with tasks and action items. When you break your work into specific steps, you see all the actions at once—which means everyone on your team can follow along as well. Everyone can see an example of how previous tasks were handled, and how the current tasks are going to be completed. This also encourages dialogue about different ways to handle things differently or better in the future.

2. Increasing Team’s Productivity

The next top Kanban benefit is productivity. It benefits your team’s productivity by forcing you to finish things rather than continuing to start things. In Kanban, you’re not working on specific tasks. Your team is simply analyzing the way work flows through your system and improving that flow over time. It says to focus on the process and not on the work itself, and this will naturally improve your productivity. 

With Kanban, you aim to reduce cycle time and increase throughput. When you use the Kanban app for Google Workspace, you’ll end up making small changes. But they will have a huge positive impact on your team’s performance. To improve your productivity, you must decrease cycle time and increase throughput. It’s useful to know how fast your team delivers features because you’re not only gathering velocity data, you’re identifying potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Everyone always wants to know how to be more productive at work, and the Kanban app is the best choice to do this.

3. Flexibility

The Kanban boards lack the rigidity of other agile project management frameworks, but this freedom allows users to tailor them to their needs. Team members have the flexibility to update the board as needed and are provided with a visual overview of all progress. This makes it ideal for teams in any industry to use a Kanban board to collaborate, document activity, and track their work progress. 

Almost all Kanbanchi apps have a lot of flexibility to change any task at any time, so it can be used for any project and still get some benefits out of just a few of its advanced features. That’s what makes it an amazing working tool on different stages of a project. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of Project managers started using Kanban boards.


As you can see, Kanban is a simple yet powerful tool for managing and improving your team’s workflow. The Kanban app for Google Workspace allows teams to visualize and analyze workflow, track progress, manage workflow risk, control releases, limit work in progress, and improve communication. Once you start using it, I guarantee that you will see the improvement right away.

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