Practical Applications: Gain Visibility of What is Happening in a Team with Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi case study

Simplicity was the key driving force for the Practical Applications team to adopt Kanbanchi. Dive into the details of their story!

Wearing more than one hat

Practical Applications is a team of telecommunication experts in Australia. They create web applications for businesses and deliver business telecommunications systems, phone systems; basically different computing products. PracApps have been supporting Australian business of all shapes and sizes since 2007.

Tom Higgins is the main guy behind PracApps, with over 10 years experience in VoIP telecommunications.

“As the manager of the small team, I also wear many other hats so am very busy and can struggle to find time to organise my team and keep them on target.” – Tom Higgins

Don’t get missed off

PracApps had a lot of problems communicating and finding a system that was convenient for the team.  They found that other structures weren’t working for them because the team were unable to follow the processes conveniently. People would get missed off and one department wouldn’t look in the other area’s side, so they would miss things that were their tasks. Their team tried to do more with helpdesk and structured project management tools.  Also they’ve got their own system and tried to use it.

“We had been trying to use different project management systems and ticketing systems, however they were all too rigid and didn’t allow for people to work easily on small projects and bugs that didn’t require much detail.” – Tom Higgins

Centralised way of managing

PracApps have found Kanbanchi to be a really good centralised way to manage everything.

“It was my personal decision based around more rigid systems not working for our team. Simplicity was the key driving force for it. ”- Tom Higgins

Kanbanchi is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to train anyone and spend hours trying to teach people how to use it, so it is such an easy fit for any team.

Everyone in PracApps was very excited when they started using it. The task visibility and having control of what everyone can do and see so easily is extremely important to them.

Happier team

Pracapps have benefited through the use of Kanbanchi by creating a great view of the department and the ability for everyone to see what other members of the team are working on,  whether it is a development specific task or another task.  The team is a great deal happier as they can see the bigger picture with ease.

Before Kanbanchi
Average Bug Duration8 weeks
Average Feature Lead Time16 weeks
Average Number of Jobs19
Customer Satisfaction8/10
Staff Understanding7/10
After Kanbanchi
Average Bug Duration2 weeks
Average Feature Lead Time8 weeks
Average Number of Jobs12
Customer Satisfaction9/10
Staff Understanding9/10
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Whether it’s a support case or a general task, Kanbanchi helps to track everyone’s progress in a team. Wanna know how it works? Try Kanbanchi now.

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