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  • 1. How to create, edit and delete a list?

    Create list

    To create a new list, click Add new list in the right part of the board (to the right of the last list).

    Edit list

    To edit a list, click on its title and the List Details popover window will open. Here you can change the list title, add information to the list by clicking on Add description and change list Settings. Here you can also conduct different Actions with the list.

    Delete list

    To delete a list, open List Details and select Delete list with all cards from the list Actions.

    After the list has been removed, you have 10 seconds to restore. You can do it by clicking on the Undo delete button restore that appears at the bottom of a board.

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  • 2. How to print a list or save it to my computer as PDF?

    To print a list, open the List Details and click on Actions in the provided popover window. Select Print list from the drop-down menu and you will be directed to the print preview. Click on Print list int the top right corner and a Google Cloud Print popover window will appear for customising the print settings. Once finished, click on Print.


    Tip: You can save your list as a PDF to your Google Drive account or to your computer. In the Google Cloud Print window, click on the Change button in the Destination section. Choose Save as PDF under the inscription Local Destination to save a list on your computer or choose Save to Google Drive.

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  • 3. How to limit card number in a list?

    To change the limit of cards numbering in a list, first open the List Details. In the provided popover window, edit the number of cards in the Limit card number field. The available card number will be shown on a dashboard near the list title.

    If you exceed the defined limit of the added cards, the number of cards will become red. If you do not want to limit card quantity, simply remove the checkbox next to the Limit card number option.

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  • 4. How to switch a list in a compact view of a list?

    To switch a list in a compact form, use the Fold list [><] button that appears in the upper right corner of the list. You will need to hover the mouse cursor on the list title to see this option.

    To switch off the compact form, hover the mouse cursor on the list title and click on the Unfold list [<>] button.

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  • 5. How to quickly move cards to the bottom of a list?

    When you create a new card and you want to send it to the bottom of the list, do this by using the Ctrl key and hitting Enter. It will be sent right there and you will not need to move it later.

    When you are working with a long list it’s very tricky to move the card from the top all the way to the bottom. With this function, it will be much easier to move it directly to the bottom with just a click.

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  • 6. How can I sort cards in a list in Kanbanchi?

    How can I sort cards in a list in Kanbanchi?

    You may sort cards by different properties in a list in Kanbanchi. 

    Open List details. 

    Turn the cards sorting toggle on. The menu with available sorting options will appear. 

    In the menu, you will see the properties which you may sort cards in the list by. 

    Choose one of the options and click the checkbox opposite. Cards in the list will be sorted. 

    Also, you may choose the order: ascending or descending.

    In Kanbanchi you may sort cards by:


    -start date

    -due date


    -assigned user


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  • 7. How can I use list grouping in Kanbanchi?

    List grouping is Kanbanchi view that can be used to see Kanbanchi cards grouped in lists by a specific property. To switch to the view click List grouping and choose one of the available options.

    You may group lists by the following properties:


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