How do I add cards to Gantt chart?

There are several options to add cards to Gantt chart:

  • From Gantt Chart. When you’re in Gantt Chart, you will see a list of your cards at the bottom of which there’s a special field where you can either add an existing card or create a new one right there. To find an existing card simply start typing its name in the field and click on a card when it appears in the list. To add a new card, type its title and then either click Create New Card or use a shortcut ctrl+Enter.


  • 2. From the right panel in any view. Click on a card you’d like to show on Gantt Chart, go to Card Details and choose Show on Gantt option in the “actions” section.


  • Add multiple cards to Gantt Chart from Kanban view. When you select multiple cards, you can Show on Gantt Chart¬†all the selected cards by choosing this option in the right panel.


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