How to create and customise a checklist (list of subtasks)?

To create a checklist, open the Card Details and click on the Add an item button under the inscription Checklist. Type an item in the field and then press Enter.

  • To edit a subtask, click on its title, make amendments, and then click Save changes.
  • To give various weight to subtasks, choose weight on the slider, which appears when you hover a mouse cursor on a subtask.
  • To mark a subtask as complete, toggle the checkbox opposite to the task.
  • When you mark checklist items as Done, you will see a progress change on the progress bar. Percents are calculated proportionally to item weight.
  • When you mark the last checklist item as Done, card status changes to Done, unless it doesn’t have any subcards, which affect progress calculation.
  • You can add URLs in checklist items and they will be automatically transformed into hyperlinks.
  • To reorder items, hover you mouse cursor on a particular item, click and hold a sign, then move your item.
  • To remove a checklist item, click on the Trash button opposite to it.
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