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10 Startup Tools You Need to Launch Your Business

startup tools

Using the latest technology can help you get further ahead with your goals and dreams to launch your business. You know you can’t do it alone. Startup tools are available so you can work more efficiently and be more productive. Investing in these tools will meet those needs.

With the number of tools available on the market, selecting the best one for your needs can be a challenge. This is where we can provide some assistance. Take a look at our top 10 startup tools to help you get on your way.

Google Docs

This free collaboration tool simplifies sharing files with contractors and clients for their input and comments. Accessible from anywhere, Google Docs allows multiple people to work on the same file at the same time. It’s easy to use and compatible with your Word documents. There is also an app available for your mobile devices.


A great social media tool, Buffer helps you to schedule, publish and analyse your postings to the various media sites. Clean and easy-to-use, it is available for all the popular social networks and has an app for iOS and Android.


Easy to set up and understand, this customer relationship management tool helps to keep the team focused by tracking sales leads. You can be confident on what needs to be done to control your sales funnel and close deals.


A great online project management tool to plan and track your tasks. It integrates with Google Drive and synchronises with Google Calendar to facilitate team collaboration. Its easy-to-use interface is accessible from your browser facilitating the management of your multiple projects.


This user-friendly system simplifies your accounting needs. Freshbooks reduces your time on paperwork by sending invoices and adapts easily to your growing business. You will look professional and be able to collect your payments faster through its mobile app.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to track your website traffic by seeing what is working and what is not. When you see what is not working, you can fix it to improve customer engagement. Google Analytics helps you develop better marketing campaigns to increase the conversion rate for your website. To achieve the best results for your business, use Google Analytics to continually evaluate and monitor your online strategies.


This time management tool is quick and easy to setup. With one-click, you can turn it on to track your time or if you forget, you can enter it manually. It’s a great way to help you organise your time to remain focused and productive.


Save on long distance charges when talking to customers or contractors through audio, video or messaging. In meetings, you can take advantage of the screen sharing tool to facilitate your discussions. You can also sync Skype across all your devices.


Capture your ideas and notes about your products or services whether they are on audio or text. Evernote is great at keeping all your information indexed and searchable. Share them across all your devices. You never know when inspiration will hit you.


This is one of the most popular tools used for creating blogs and business websites. With a slew of templates and plugins to meet all your needs, WordPress is quick and easy to install. They offer everything you need to grow your website along with your business.


Launching a business startup can be hectic. You want to use the right tools to get your business up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible. Our list of tools will help you be efficient and productive so you can focus on what matters, achieving your goals and building your dreams.

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