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3 Key Aspects of Technology that Small Business Owner Should be Aware of

Modern business is more technologically advanced than ever before. New tech updates affect how businesses operate, how they communicate with customers, and how they distribute their products. Customers today are more tech-savvy than ever before and keeping up with the latest technology is vital if you want to have a successful business. That’s why as a small business owner, you need to be quick to embrace these changes to be able to easily beat your competitors in the race for more sales or to enhance operational efficiency.

In this article, I would like to talk about 3 key aspects of technology that small business owners should be aware of and how they can be applied to the business requirements today. 

1. Communication With Your Customers

There are a few different ways that technology can affect a business’ ability to communicate with customers. I personally think that throughout the year and decade, technology has evolved in a way that makes communication easier for businesses and their clients. Numerous social media platforms have created new avenues for reaching out to customers in ways that were heretofore unheard of, as your customers are active on social networks and always plugged in via smartphones, tablets, or laptops. 

Today the most effective and easiest ways to communicate with customers are email, website, phone, text messaging, social media, video messaging, and web chats. Businesses benefit from a huge range of communication ways because smoother communication creates a better public image. Within a few minutes, you can send your company message around the globe. You can advertise on every continent and in every major city, through online services such as Google’s AdWords. You can set up your own website and social media page so that customers can reach you directly and keep up with your latest news and promotions. And if you want to, you can even launch your own online store where customers can make their purchases 24/7. 

2. Specialized Software

In today’s competitive market, there is a number of specialized software that can help save time and automate day-to-day tasks for all kinds of businesses. The technical, administrative, and managerial tasks that keep a business running are always evolving. And in order to run a successful business, you need to be constantly innovating your tools and implementing new techniques for running your business. 

Specialized software and good business practices are the keys to keeping your operations running smoothly. If you’re trying to find a way to increase productivity and discover new efficient software, then you need to take a look at Kanbanchi. Kanbanchi is the online project management/task management/collaboration software with Kanban Board, Gantt Chart, and Time Tracker. It helps you to collaborate with your team in real-time and manage your ongoing projects visually using project boards and cards. It’s a perfect tool for remote teams to collaborate and maintain productivity. 

Products such as Kanbanchi create a better collaboration environment to help different departments work together. When a business grows and starts expanding, specialized software is a must for better communication between you and your team members.

3. AI, VR and AR Technologies

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality are all trending technologies that will play a role in shaping the future. In order to make your business better and more profitable, it is essential to stay on top of these rapidly changing technologies. However, some people still have no idea what these technologies are and how they can be applied to the business. Let’s talk a little bit about the current state of this technology and the amazing potential it has.

There are many businesses that have already implemented at least one form of these three digital formats to boost marketing campaigns and actual operations. It’s still not clear how AI, VR, and AR will change our lives in the short or long term but early adopters are already feeling the benefits it brings.

Artificial intelligence technology or AI, is already commonly used by a lot of businesses. Chatbots, music streaming services, navigation apps are running on AI technology. Even you are using it almost every day. Artificial intelligence keeps developing and getting smarter. Soon it will be involved in almost every industry.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are also changing the world around us. With augmented reality technology now so much more accessible than it was a few years ago, many companies are coming up with different ways they can use this cutting-edge tech to their advantage. Commercial real estate can use virtual reality headsets to sell properties in 3D to shoppers, online shops let you virtually try on shoes before making a purchase. The potential for this technology goes well beyond games and entertainment and into the realms of education, medicine, industrial design and visualization, marketing and so much more.


Being aware of key aspects of technology for your business can make your life much easier and your team members and customers happier. Sometimes it’s hard for a small business owner to keep up with all of the technological advances being made in businesses today. But these new technologies will help you to cut costs,l make it faster and smoother for you to communicate, for your colleagues to be productive, and help you with providing the best customer experience. So make sure you are following the latest tech trends and implementing new tools to your business.

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