5 Best Productivity Books to Read in 2016


We all have big dreams. Who doesn’t want to be successful and content with life? But most of us end up stuck, unable to progress. Are you starting to think that maybe you’ve dreamed too big? Do you fear that you might not make it after all? Or you’re just finding it impossible keep pace with so many things?

It’s not about how dedicated you are. You don’t need to be born lucky, or have god-gifted skills to become successful. You need to be more productive at work.

After the first year’s resolution “5 Best Project Management Books to read in 2016” we think you are ready to add another one to your list. Aim to be more productive. To help you stay true to it, we’ve compiled a short list of 5 books that you should read this year!

Eliminate the Chaos at Work
by Laura Leist

eliminate-chaosIn her book, Eliminate Chaos at Work, Laura Leist gives the reader an entirely practical view on how to work in a demanding environment without losing your head. The techniques shared by the author are equally useful for an employee, manager, and the CEO.

She claims that there are only four possible areas that you’ll ever have to deal with in your office. These are paper, electronic information, extra stuff, and time. All of us are stuck in one or more of these areas.

All you need to do is identify which of these areas you lag in and find out how to deal with it. You can find out directly about the most effective way to keep yourself organized in a specific area. No need to read the entire book. The book itself is very practical! Right?


How to be a Productivity Ninja
by Graham Alcott

productivity-ninjaA fun, light read with a completely different opinion on productivity. Graham Alcott has just nailed the art of being productive. The name of the book becomes clear to you past the first chapter when the author tells you: “A ninja is not a superhuman.”

The theme of the book is that we are mere human beings. But, so were all the great leaders. Sometimes we think we can’t reach our goals, while humanity has achieved so much. The author stresses that we all can do it, we just need to change our perspective.

After reading this book, you’ll get an entirely different view on how you can increase your productivity, especially at work. For instance, time management has been declared by the author as dead. With so many instant messages, social media posts, conference calls, voice mails, emails, etc. it’s humanly impossible to make the old fashioned to do list and stick by it. So, what do you do then? Think, act, be like the productivity ninja.


Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style
by Carson Tate

work-simplyWork simply is the ideal book for those of you who want to maximize their work potential. The author wisely leads you towards how to identify the work style that suits you best. He then provides you with the right strategies.

Carson Tate tells the reader how to make the correct decisions, when certain strategy will work, when it won’t, and how to deal with the people around you who have a different work style.

Through this book, the reader can easily run a self-check. You’ll get the answers to whether you’re better with a messy desk or a tidier desk is the one for you. What productivity style you and your co-workers have? How can you manage your time without being overwhelmed?

She has categorized workers as Arrangers, Prioritizers, Visualizers, and Planners. So, what are you waiting for? Find out the right category and start increasing your productivity.


Work Less Do More
by Jan Yager

work-less-do-moreIn her book, Jan Yager claims that you can get a complete productivity makeover in just 14 short days. All you need to have is some dedication and the right plan. So, if you, like me, prefer instant gratification, then this is the perfect book for you! The author skilfully lays out a day wise plan for the reader. You start off by running a self-analysis. Then, gradually make your way towards being better at time management, getting more done and working less.

What’s more, the author has taken into account that times have changed. With the new era of information, new problems have risen. And she provides you just the right tips and strategies to tackle them.

Personally, I’m impressed by the tasks she has set for us for each day. This way, it becomes extremely easy to see the final destination. Moreover, you find yourself acting on the tips and advice rather than just reading them.


Higher Productivity and a Better Place to Work
co-creation of J.E. Thurman, A.E. Louzine, and K. Kogi

high-prod-better-workThis book is aimed towards those of us running small or medium sized business. The authors share with us very practical and useful strategies to help in the maintenance and expansion of the business. Due to lack of training and perhaps motivation, the small and medium sized businesses fail to grow. Sometimes, they even fail to sustain. The authors have taken this issue and have provided the entrepreneurs with extremely practical insights on how they can overcome any business-related issue.

From reducing costs, improving operations management to improving employer-worker relation, this book tells you all. After reading this, you’ll have a clearer view on how to manage storage, design workstations, and keep equipment and personnel safe. You’ll also learn some useful technical terminologies along the way. All in all, this book is a complete package for entrepreneurs looking to get some help to increase work productivity.


All these books are designed to help you become more productive. But, the magic will happen only when you sincerely want to do it for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? 2016 awaits you. Make every day count. Dream big and make it happen efficiently.

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