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How Kanbanchi Helped Peregrine Fund To Easily Manage Large Numbers Of Tasks

We love when our customers share their success stories with us. Meet the Peregrine Funda non-profit organization dedicated to conserving birds of prey. They’ve been our customers for a while now and they have found everything they needed in a task management app in Kanbanchi. We have asked them a few questions and got some interesting answers. And today we would like to share their success story with Kanbanchi.

About The Peregrine Fund

For over 50 years, the Peregrine Fund has worked to protect endangered birds of prey and other wildlife through science, research, and conservation action. They have been working on protecting raptors and other birds that rely on falconry for their survival. Peregrine Fund’s mission is to conserve birds of prey worldwide. They are driven by an ambitious vision – to ensure the long-term survival and recovery of the world’s most highly imperiled bird species. They believe that they can build a future flourishing with healthy and diverse communities of birds of prey and people around the world. 

The Challenge

We asked the Peregrine Fund what challenges in task management they were experiencing prior to adopting Kanbanchi, and they’ve named the top 3 challenges. Firstly, it wasn’t possible to manage a large number of tasks for multiple projects in a single tool. Secondly, the communication about shared tasks was difficult for the team. Thirdly, there were no easy tools to keep track of time spent. And all of these challenges were solved with Kanbanchi.

Kanbanchi is a project and task management application that lets you visualize tasks with Kanban boards and manage projects and tasks with Gantt charts. You can track time spent on tasks to improve your productivity, resource allocation, and work prioritization.

So how exactly did Kanbanchi solve the problem and what did Peregrine fund’s team choose our app? Here are the answers.

Why Kanbanchi?

There is a list of things, that made our app stand from the others for the Peregrine Fund. The main one is the ease of use. A lot of our customers highlight this when starting to use Kanbanchi. And that is a very important thing, as our app was designed so that every employee could use it, not only tech-driven staff. 

Also, Peregrine fund mentioned that creating tasks via emails made our app stand from the others. In other words, it became easier to create a card with a task on a board via email. No extra clicks and typing, straight to the board of ongoing projects. In addition, the integration with Google was pointed out. That is true, Kanbanchi was built specifically for Google Workspace and easily integrates with other Google products. All you need to start is your Gmail account.

Peregrine’s fund key staff used Kanbanchi’s trial period, which is 14 days, to determine if it would meet their needs. Kanbanchi worked for all of them, and the company has bought the subscriptions. As a non-profit organization, Peregrine fund got a 50% discount. It was one of the reasons to purchase the plan. The features set matched their needs, so it worked out perfectly.

Benefits from using Kanbanchi

Communication is the key to success in any project. After using Kanbanchi for a while, Peregrine fund’s communication with teams became much easier. They were able to easily track time spent on tasks, also to quickly note incoming new work so it’s not forgotten. They’ve also benefited in scheduling deadlines and priorities.

All tasks and work in progress are visible on several levels so it’s easier to plan tasks timelines, monitor backlog time of delivery, making better decisions when it comes to prioritizing which tasks, projects, and requests have priority.

Kanbanchi is the project and task management app you trust to get you through your day. With Kanban board, Gantt Chart, time tracker, and other features, it’s easy to manage resources, stay on task, and achieve better results. Try Kanbanchi with your team today and see how you can benefit from using it.

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