Does Google have a Gantt chart

Does Google Have A Gantt Chart?

Currently, Google Workspace is an online productivity tool with lots of apps related to organization and team management. The three main components are Gmail, Docs, and Sheets. Correct me if I am wrong but, many project managers seem to be successfully using Google Apps for their tasks. This can be on the basis of featuring several tools. Or the ability to work on all devices on which you have this app installed. Or on the basis of its cloud storage facility, collaboration feature with which you can work on projects with your team members, and so on. But many project managers ask for a Gantt chart solution. That’s why their search history contains the question: does Google have a Gantt chart?

What Is A Gantt Chart?

The Gantt chart is one of the most popular project management tools used in project planning. Basically, it is a graphical representation of tasks involved in a project, and how these tasks are scheduled into time periods. Gantt charts are very useful in project forecasting the actions, risks, timeline, and phase-by-phase completion. Moreover, these charts also help to simplify complex projects with multiple critical tasks, resources, due dates, and dependencies. It is typically used to document resource dependence and duration relationships of the tasks in a project schedule.

Gantt charts were invented by the Swedish engineer and management consultant, Henrik Emil Gantt. They are often used for scheduling specific activities and tasks over time and visualizing the time frame of single or multiple projects. This can be helpful for tracking complex projects to adjust them as per schedule, budget, and plan. Used by professionals, it provides all the necessary information so that project managers can make real-time decisions.

Whenever we’re working on a big project, we can always use a Gantt chart to see how the different parts of an event or project fit together. It’s like holding it all in your hand. The first implementation is very nice and includes several different views. I would say it’s the best tool for tracking projects or tasks that you need to follow up on regularly.

The Importance Of Using Gantt Charts

The importance of Gantt charts is huge for any project. That is why it’s advisable to learn to use them at least a little bit. Some people see Gantt charts as complicated and unnecessary tools. But if you choose the right one for your needs, you can achieve all your project management goals.

In addition, the Gantt chart gives you a much clearer overview of your tasks and project activities. By seeing everything laid out in front of the user, it aids the person responsible for the project to assess the needs of the project and their ability to reach their established deadlines. They are crucial in finding out any possible bottlenecks that can affect your project’s completion agenda. They can alleviate the common problem of tracking progress in a project with lots of different interrelated tasks.

Generally, Gantt charts represent your project schedule, with all events and tasks represented visually on the chart. They allow you to see how various sub-projects relate to each other, as well as their relationship to the whole project, the milestones they cross, and the outcomes they generate. All this information is invaluable in determining your future success or failure.

Does Google Have A Gantt Chart?

Creating a Gantt chart is a perfect way to take control of your project management efforts. And Google lacks it, unfortunately. Although Google Workspace apps pack has spreadsheets to organize, schedule, and run tasks, there is no way to make a Gantt chart in these tools.

I would say, there are two types of people in this world: those that love spreadsheets, and those that love Gantt charts. I’m definitely in the latter group. I’ve always flinched at the thought of using a spreadsheet to organize complex projects. At first glance, the spreadsheet seems to contain all the necessary functionality, there are sheets with tasks, filters, comments, dates. But if you try to do something more complex for several users at once, then it turns out that any significant data operation takes place manually or too slowly.

Gantt Chart Solution For Google Workspace

Until Google actually decides to offer a Gantt chart tool on their website, many users will be looking for an alternative that is available on the web. And Kanbanchi app is the solution for Google Workspace users. It offers a Gantt chart for project managers with all the features they might need. Gantt Chart in Kanbanchi is used to visually present the tasks and their durations. This makes it possible to find out whether the planned main activities match the envisioned duration, otherwise, it is possible to rearrange the scope of the project or cut down on it. 

Kanbanchi’s Integration With Google Apps

Kanbanchi is a project management tool that has a difference. It is a project management tool that allows you to create Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and use different tools for everyday workflow. Kanbanchi is built to integrate with Google Workspace Apps (such as Calendar, Drive, Sheets, etc.) and can work with Google Drive. All you need to start working with Kanbanchi is your Google account.

Using Kanbanchi, you can manage your tasks, create timelines for your projects or events, track their progress with beautiful dashboards and also assign tasks to others on your team. Sign up today and try it out yourself.

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