Why “G suite project management” is among the search queries trends?

G Suite becomes increasingly popular among large and middle-sized companies. This enterprise office suite covers almost all the possible needs and in most cases doesn’t involve any learning curve, because somehow everyone has used Google apps. That’s why “g suite project management” is quite a popular search term.

But at the same time, G Suite doesn’t include any application for project management. It makes people searching for the way to manage projects with G Suite.

Kanbanchi complements G Suite and is part of the Google Drive which makes it a smart choice for companies that are going Google.

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G Suite project management is among search trends alongside with google sheets project management and google apps project management

Why is this search here?

The popularity of G Suite is understandable – Google apps are around for a long time and they’ve proved their reliability. At the same time, they are perfectly supporting collaboration within companies. However, big companies always tend to develop one or the other level of bureaucracy and strive for a transparent workflow.
This is where they come to the point that they need some tool for project management. And of course, it would be perfect if this tool is integrated with G Suite.

G Suite pack doesn’t have anything except sheets that you may use for managing projects, and Google sheets have quite limited set of specific features for project management. So, my suggestion is that part of people performing “G Suite project management” search want to find a separate tool and part of them are looking for a way to manage projects with the help of Google sheets. Another search “Google sheets project management” somehow proves that.

Despite the purpose of the search they are likely to find something like this:

You can see that there are some project management tools, but they aren’t made by Google.

How to choose?

The project management tools market is not new and there are many apps on it. So, what to choose? Probably, you’ve noticed that Kanbanchi have such a heavy presence on the search results with the term “G Suite project management”:

Another place to search for the application when your team is using G Suite is G Suite marketplace.

Perform search “project management”, and you will see Kanbanchi with more than 1500 reviews on the first place:

I advise you to try several tools and compare. Though I’m pretty sure that Kanbanchi will suit all your needs, I’m still convinced that you should compare several solutions.

Why Kanbanchi?

Kanbanchi is into Google Drive and is a part of the Google ecosystem. When you create boards for your projects they start acting like files in your Drive. Everything is here, you just need to share it with your team and start collaborating.

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It’s easy to deploy Kanbanchi for your domain in the G Suite admin panel. No matter how big your company is, you can do it in just one click.

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