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Using a Google Workspace Collaboration App to Improve Teamwork Productivity

Getting a more productive team that works together effectively is one of the main challenges for many businesses these days. With more people working remotely than ever before, the need for new online tools has never been greater. Can a Google Workspace collaboration app help?

What Is Google Workspace and How Is It Used?

Google Workspace is the name of the suite of cloud-based tools that used to be known as G Suite and Google Apps. An update towards the end of 2020 has given it a smart new look. It has also helped to increase the integration and connectivity between apps.

There are plenty of reasons for using these tools. For example, they let you very easily share Word documents and spreadsheets with your colleagues so that everyone in the team can edit them or comment on them.

Google Drive is an important element, as this is where you can store documents and share them with the team, using a new search function to make it easier to find what you are after. The Google Calendar is also something that you may find very useful to use on a daily basis. It allows you to more easily organise your days. 

The new way of linking between apps is another benefit, as you can send an email or start a group chat from anywhere without leaving the suite. A variety of enhancements introduced in the latest update also make it easier to use Google Workspace on mobile devices and to keep the entire team informed of your progress.   

The Benefits of Using All-In-One Tool

We don’t have to look very far to start to see some powerful reasons for using an all-in-one tool like this. In 2020, the number of businesses offering some sort of remote work to employees rose to over 50%, with some predictions stating that over 20% of all working days will be carried out at home in the future.

Google Workspace is an example of the sort of tool that allows a geographically dispersed team to work together as though they were in the same room. Collaborating remotely is going to be an increasingly important part of working as a team from now on.  So it looks like now is the perfect time to introduce a smart way of doing it.

Being able to carry out so many different tasks in one suite of tools is another major advantage that should help with your efficiency levels. With a single sign in, you can access all of the different elements very easily. This means that it is easier and quicker to set up meetings, send messages, share documents and so on.  

The Lack of a Team Collaboration App in Google Workspace

If there is one thing that makes this suite of cloud-based tools less than perfect it is the lack of a Google Workspace collaboration app. The reason for saying this is that there are sure to be situations in which an extra degree of help in this respect would be extremely useful.

Let’s look at the example of a team that is running a fairly complex project. If the team members are spread over different sites then there is no built-in tool here, like a Kanban board, that allows them to track the task as they progress.  

Small teams based on a single site might not have any issues with this situation. However, just about every other team will run into problems at one point or another, as they look for ways of keeping everyone up to date with all that is going on in every one of the different areas they cover.

This may lead to them using a separate tool that doesn’t link into the Google product. Doing this could solve the immediate needs of the team, but it will probably cause extra workarounds and produce a notable drop inefficiency.  

Kanbanchi and Its Benefits as an App for Collaboration

Fortunately, there is an easy solution when you look for a Google Workspace collaboration app. Kanbanchi is a Kanban board-based tool that integrates with the Google tools to make it easy to add to any project.

It uses the simple but effective method of moving tasks across the screen to the done list, with the option of drilling down for more details where needed. Anyone who has used this sort of process on a whiteboard in the past will immediately realise the benefit of doing this online without having to leave the everyday tools that you use.  

In this way, everyone involved can track the progress of the project as it goes through each stage. With a simple, intuitive interface that resembles the Google suite, picking up the process is easy right from the very first day using it.

Summary – Don’t Miss the Chance to Increase Your Teamwork Productivity

Whether your company has already made the first move towards remote working or not, this could be the ideal solution for ramping up the productivity of your team. The future of team-working is already here. Introducing it to your business is a lot easier than you possibly imagined that it would be.

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