Does Google Workspace Have A Project Management Tool?

Google Workspace is a powerful pack of apps, offering the best of Google business applications. It is one of the top solutions on the market to help you get work done. While this solution has been on the market for a while, still many companies like it due to how powerful it is. The Google Workspace app pack is a great tool to keep your team productive, focused, and aligned on company goals. And its users are wondering – does Google Workspace have a project management tool?

Why Your Team Needs A Project Management Tool?

The project management tool is a necessity today for most businesses of any size. No matter how big or small your company is, you need the right tool to get more done in less time and be more productive. The purpose of using project management software is to help professional and non-professional individuals and businesses perform tasks and activities without getting overwhelmed. 

The right project management tool is great for every business or organization to handle its workflows. It is best to use project management tools to manage team tasks, projects, and deadlines. It helps you track the time spent on a certain task, sends necessary reminders for your employees, stores your notes and documents in one place, manages phone calls and emails between team members.

There are numerous advantages you can get from using project management software. It’s already being used by companies worldwide to improve their business processes, increase efficiency, and monitor the progress of the team. It also helps you build and keep an organized team and allows you to make projects smoother and faster.

A project management tool is a great time saver for you and your team. You can use it not only for planning and monitoring tasks, but also to communicate with team members and monitor their progress.

Does Google Workspace Have A Project Management Tool?

Google Workspace has no project management tool, even though the demand for this tool is high. Importantly, Google apps pack users need an easy way to set up project management. And while Google Workspace has no project management tool, Kanbanchi positions to fill in the void by creating a project management tool for this purpose.

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Kanbanchi is a project management tool that integrates into the Google Workspace, providing its users with a work management tool that’s both straightforward and sophisticated, just like Google itself. In addition, it’s available at an affordable price, its interface is easy to master even for non-IT admins, and yet it allows management of all of the important corporate processes.

What Is Kanbanchi Tool?

Kanbanchi is a project management tool for Google workspace and can be installed and used both with personal account and company domain account. It provides the project managers and the team with the best experience in managing the workflow within the familiar environment.

In addition, Kanbanchi is a great project management tool that will help you manage your tasks effectively. It perfectly works with Google Drive, so you can organize and integrate the information from various tools into project boards, save the boards as folders on your Drive, and manage projects online. 

Above all, Kanbanchi lets you work faster, smarter, and better. It is a tool that allows you to organize projects into Kanban boards, view your project team’s progress on their tasks, and get insight into your project communication. Kanban boards help organize all your team’s work, giving everyone at your company one shared view of the project status.

Why Kanbanchi Is The Best Project Management Tool For Google Workspace?

Getting work done just got easier. Firstly, Kanbanchi is the only app of its kind built specifically for Google Workspace. Sign up with your Google account. Manipulate your project boards as files in Google Drive. Give flexible access permissions. Push dates to Google Calendar, etc. Secondly, Kanbanchi has perfectly fit right into corporate Google Workspace. Everyone in your organization can use it if you have given them access. Thirdly, using Kanbanchi is extremely intuitive and simple – there is no learning curve at all. 

Kanbanchi for Google Workspace is a ready-to-use, hosted application that offers you a solution to plan and manage your projects. This online task management software offers you the Kanban view. It can assist you in visually managing your workflow without unnecessary steps. Moreover, it offers awesome features like Time Tracker, Gantt Chart, Kanban Boards, Reports, Checklists, and much more.

In conclusion, Kanbanchi enables a better collaboration experience among teams. If you’re a Google Workspace user and looking for a better project management tool, please try Kanbanchi without any hesitation.

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