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Does Google Workspace Have A Gantt Chart?

Google Workspace is an online productivity tool with a rich collection of apps. It helps you to manage your tasks, files, and team communication in a more convenient way. A great tool for project management that allows you to organize different projects with its built-in organizer, chat with team members using the group chat function, share files using Gmail, Hangouts, and Drive integration. It’s perfect for fitting all your work into one easy-to-manage tool. But does Google Workspace have a Gantt chart?

What Is A Gantt Chart?

Gantt charts are used for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and time tracking. They show graphically where your project is at any given time, visually representing schedules and deadlines of project tasks. You always know where you stand with a Gantt chart. I would say it’s the best tool for tracking projects or tasks that you need to follow up on regularly. Gantt charts are easy to use and they’re a visual way of understanding how the different parts of an event or project fit together. They give you a clear overview of everything that needs doing, and where everything is up to, so you know what to focus on and when.

A Gantt chart portrays what you are trying to accomplish with your project. The chart divides your work into tasks, lists the tasks by date, shows dependencies between tasks, and schedules these tasks into time periods on a chart. It consists of horizontal bars that represent the tasks and their durations and vertical bars that indicate the start and end dates. The main aim of using Gantt charts is to analyze and organize the tasks under the project in a proper format to avoid confusion and uncertainty regarding resource allocation. The chart can depict simple or complex projects, including those with multiple critical tasks, resources, due dates, and dependencies.

Why Do People Love Using Gantt Charts?

Gantt charts are helpful for tracking complex projects to adjust them as per schedule, budget, and plan. They were invented by the Swedish engineer and management consultant, Henrik Emil Gantt. From managing complex projects to making real-time decisions, this diagram has proved indispensable for professionals who need a broad overview of complicated work or projects. Today, Gantt charts are generated electronically and more easily than before, but the simple concept of showing tasks planned against time remains as relevant as ever.

We all know that Gantt charts are popular in project management. It is a great tool for planning and forecasting the actions, risks, and completion of a project. Basically, it is a graphical representation of tasks involved in a project, and how these tasks are scheduled into time periods. It can help to show what activities need to be done, by whom, and when the tasks will be completed.

Does Google Workspace Have A Gantt Chart Tool?

Displaying data in an easy-to-understand way, The Gantt chart is the perfect tool for project managers to track complex projects to adjust them as per schedule, budget, and plan. Used by professionals, it provides all the necessary information so that project managers can make real-time decisions. And while there is a high demand for this tool, Google Workspace has no Gantt chart.

Some Google users say that spreadsheets are a great alternative for a Gantt chart tool. However, a spreadsheet is a poor tool for the job. Whenever you have a bunch of projects, initiatives, or campaigns going on at the same time, you need to schedule them, track their progress and modify the schedule when something changes. A Gantt chart can help because it provides an overview of tasks and projects not only for individuals but also for groups of people.

The spreadsheet takes up a few times as much space as you need, and often the data is old and inaccurate. In addition, you have to follow a list of processes to do the simplest things, forget about the design. And if several people work on it at once, then tracking their actions is a real problem.

A popular tool for organizing tasks is actually not the best option to organize tasks effectively. Spreadsheets, no matter how well you can design them, are prone to error and frustration. However, the way projects are planned and organized within them is a mere appearance of planning since it doesn’t reflect the process of project completion. So when your project becomes more complex and the number of tasks increases, it’s better to switch to a Gantt chart

Gantt Chart Solution For Google Workspace Users

Kanbanchi is the ultimate app for Google Workspace users who are project managers. It not only offers a beautiful Gantt chart. But also an automatic time tracking feature to record all the time spent on the tasks. With Kanban Charts, users can easily create tasks, assign members, set milestones, and check the progress of their projects. The other useful features include multiple filters for categories. Moreover, there are customizable Gantt chart stages with badges that you can customize according to your requirements.

Kanbanchi delivers a new way to display information. It is a Google-friendly tool and works with Google Drive. Kanbanchi is your digital project management office suite in your pocket. Kanban boards are fun, they allow you to visually present the tasks and their durations. Find out whether the planned main activities match the envisioned duration. Otherwise, you can rearrange the scope of the project or cut down it.

The project management solution Kanbanchi is the answer for all of you looking for a dynamic. Easy-to-use and affordable project management tool for small businesses. Sign up today to explore Kanbanchi’s awesome features!

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