Hello Studios: Kanbanchi helps to free minds for creative tasks by unloading all thoughts and ideas

Team members of Hello Studios video production company always had a challenge to stay in creative mode and do administrative work simultaneously. Find out how Kanbanchi allows them to keep their brains free for creating and solving problems, rather than keeping track of random data.

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Hello Studios was created in 2008 and has since grown into a well-known video production studio in Virginia. With a small, versatile team, they are able to collaborate effectively with individuals and organisations that need clear, powerful video content.

Create or manage?

As with most creative people, members of Hello Studios team struggled to find the balance between managing the process of video creation and creating itself.

When you need to think about the story and then combine different elements of a video into something clear and visually appealing, it can be a huge distraction when you are interrupted in the middle of your creative thinking by a phone call. Even if the phone call is important, such as from a potential client, you may still struggle to concentrate fully on the conversation because you really want to get back to what you have been doing before.

That was the main reason Adam Everett Miller, the founder of Hello Studios, started looking for a project management tool.


“I’ve always had a challenge wearing multiple hats as both administrative owner and technician working on specific projects. I wanted a tool that was  simple and  easy to customize while still visually attractive and ultimately something that would not be stressful to spend time on.” – Adam Everett Miller




Looking up the Internet, Adam found a list of apps that could help him and then started evaluating the ones that were highly recommended. Kanbanchi caught his attention because of the Google Drive integration.

“What I love about this is that I already use Google Drive all the time. We use Google Apps and I literally just open up a file. Since I’m already logged in, I don’t have to go to a new tab and log into something new or make sure everyone has a group password. It’s just so ergonomic.” – Adam Everett Miller.

Precious time of creating

Having moved all the notes, ideas and any other information regarding every project off their brains gives Hello Studios team members more time for enjoying the creative process with fewer distractions. They are always sure their notes are there on a kanbanchi board, so they can return to them later when talking to the client or discussing future projects.

There’s a main board where all the projects are represented as cards. It’s very easy to define what stage the project is at by using the colour tag.

Several projects from the same clients may be represented by the related cards. It helps to define what has been done for the particular client, what the concept was, and how much it has cost.

Another great thing that saves much time is that Kanbanchi is a Google Drive app, so you don’t need to log into any other separate website.

“I’ve used Basecamp with a lot of different clients. I also used to run a website where I’d interact with authors around the world  submitting work for me to review. With that I used Trello but I just felt like each new user would get  frustrated with having to go to a separate website to login and create new credentials. When you have to log into five or six different websites all at once, it’s kind of a pain in the butt and can be quite stressful with a cluttered desktop.” – Adam Everett Miller

News that is worth spreading

Since Kanbanchi has added so much value to Hello Studios’s working process, they’re actively spreading the news among peers and companies who do video production work.

Yes, it’s easy to start managing projects, but more importantly, it helps to free up your mental energy to solve problems and create amazing work. Try it for yourself.

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