Kanbanchi as one of the Best Solutions for Technology-Powered Meetings

Kanbanchi has become one of the most popular and best online project management software. Other than that, it is also great task management and collaboration tool. We think that Kanbanchi is great for its features but also for the fact that companies can integrate it into Google Workplace (previously G Suite). In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Kanbanchi, and the Kanban boards. You can utilize it to make your technology-powered meetings more productive and entertaining.

Kanban boards are great to improve productivity within your team and they’ve been on the market for years. However, Kanbanchi takes things to the next level with their Google Workplace integration, and that’s exactly why you should work with it.

A report by The Leadership Network revealed that big international companies such as Pixar, Zara, or even Spotify use Kanban boards nowadays. It’s important to note that you can move your tasks from pending to complete in a click only. That’s exactly one of the reasons businesses love Kanbanchi.

Without further ado, let’s see why Kanbanchi is one of the best solutions for technology-powered meetings.

What is Kanbanchi and Kanban Boards?

Kanbanchi is a Kanban board software that can be integrated into Google Workplace. Also known as flowcharts, it is a useful tool used in organisations to plan out and organize work in a particular order. 

While it is a great planning and organization platform for companies, it is also an excellent time tracker. You won’t even need to install it. 

A Kanban board consists of numbered and coloured cells. They are connected to each other in an alternating manner in order to create a flow of information. For instance, a Kanban board in an office would be a desk. Several employees would take turns working in order to complete projects or tasks. 

Another common example of a Kanban board would be in a manufacturing plant, where production lines are linked together to help improve the productivity of a single unit.

Kanbanchi can even be used as a planning tool, which is great to remain organized in project management. 

To sum up, Kanbanchi is a software management tool. It helps you organize your work by providing a visual representation of how the work is going to look in the future. The basic format for a kanban is a grid where cells are labelled according to their size, colour, and direction of flow. There is a specific number of spaces between them, which represent the flow of data. 

It provides a platform that all members can access easily, and, needless to say, it makes Kanbanchi one of the best Google solutions for technology-powered meetings.

Why do companies use Kanban boards?

There are several reasons why companies would use Kanbanchi and its boards. First of all, you can improve productivity and efficiency using them. In fact, you can get faster replies to issues on the different projects since all your team members will receive a real-time notification. On top of that, employees will get more efficient by having a clear idea of their daily goals by only checking their cards.

Kanbanchi provides transparency within the teams, can help managers monitor their agents, and help to clarify processes. 

Furthermore, forget about massive workloads and multi-tasking. Team members will be able to focus on specific tasks while remaining organized throughout the day. Multi-tasking is also an essential point as it is proven not to work in the long run.

A study by the American Psychology Association revealed that multitasking can reduce productivity by up to 40%. Kanban boards are excellent for this reason, as they allow employees to work on specific tasks at a specific time of the day.

Finally, Kanban boards also improve communication within a company and that’s another important reason why companies use them. In fact, you’ll be able to see comments from everyone immediately and provide feedback with just one click. Needless to say, communication is an important part of our daily working lives and it’s, therefore, important to consider it.

These are the main reasons why you should use Kanbanchi. From improved communication to higher productivity and transparency, there are more benefits to using Kanban boards. This takes us to our following point.

Benefits of Using Kanbanchi and How to Use Your Kanban Board

Kanbanchi is an extremely useful visual project management tool that is used by people both in startups and by large companies. Let’s dig into the best reasons to use Kanbanchi:

  1. Kanban boards are highly versatile and give you many different options to work with. There are many different applications that are compatible and integrate Kanbanchi so you have the freedom to customize your project and make your project unique.
  2. Kanbanchi allows you to create a virtual dashboard in which to design your visual project. You can then use a simple drag and drop style interface. It helps to create kanban task cards and then move team members around on them. 

Kanbanchi is a really great way to organize your teams. It helps to make sure that all of your employees are working together effectively. While you may be wondering how to choose an employee engagement platform or motivate them in these turbulent times, at least project management is taken care of here!

“Kanbanchi is a fantastic tool and we were able to streamline a lot of the processes that were acting like a bottleneck for our productivity in the past.” Alex Marin, Co-Founder at CodeCrew.
  1. By using a Kanban board, you will be able to track the progress of each employee in the project. This will help you see if they are performing up to expectations, or if there are any issues that need to be addressed before the project gets completed. You also have the option of changing various aspects of the project. For instance, you could change which tasks go to which person. You’ll understand how long it will take them to complete them, and how much each person is costing you.
  2. Kanbanchi offers a massive FAQ sheet to answer any question you may have. For instance, if you need to create or edit lists on your Kanban board, they have the answer. Or if you want to track time on specific tasks, they teach you how to do it. They also provide you with important insights such as creating boards in Google Drive or assigning cards to a team member.

The reason why Kanbanchi makes it particularly popular among companies is that you have the freedom to customize it according to the way in which you need it to work. If you want to change your Kanban, you do not have to stop the application and restart everything. Instead, you can do all of the necessary changes from the computer.

You should note that using a simple task management tool like Kanbanchi will allow you to run the project easily and without problems. You should always keep in mind that as a project manager, it is important to keep things simple so that everyone is able to complete their tasks easily. 

Kanbanchi’s Best Features

As mentioned previously, Kanbanchi is one of the best solutions that can be integrated into a company to get the workflow organized and ordered. So, why is it so great, and what are the best features.

First of all, Kanbanchi provides an unlimited amount of dashboards and cards, which is great for both startups and bigger companies. In fact, you can share the projects with an unlimited number of stakeholders and everyone is able to drag and drop cards.

Second of all, straight after sign up, Kanbanchi provides an online tutorial to make things easier for you. That’s definitely not something to underestimate, especially in a busy company.

Also, Kanbanchi allows all users to organize their workflow but also to comment on it with the latest updates, and share emails with their colleagues. That’s a very practical feature. Especially when a colleague is off or on vacation and needs to check the progress when back to work.

To conclude, Kanbanchi offers an organized activity stream with boards and cards that make project management easier and simple to track. 

How Kanbanchi Makes Webinars and Technology-Powered Meetings More Entertaining

Kanbanchi can easily make webinars and technology-powered meetings more entertaining. These business meetings can be full of details and analyzed data. Adding Kaban boards can make it easier to understand and certainly more organized.

Essentially, Kanbanchi works in a similar way as Google Docs or Google Sheets. It’s very convenient to share the workflow and update the cards in real-time with your colleagues during a video conference. Needless to say, this makes webinars and technology-powered meetings more efficient and certainly more entertaining to follow.

Furthermore, having some specific tools during the team meeting will level it up and certainly animate everyone. For instance, the most common tools to use during business meetings are slide presentations and a whiteboard. However, using Kanbanchi will take things to the next level. 

Imagine announcing the latest company updates or explaining some changes in the projects to employees while being able to go through some cards in the meantime. Or simply by changing cards or adding team members to projects and with one click, sending a notification to everyone.

If we think about how challenging some business meetings are and the metrics used in contact centers, it’s great to be able to be more efficient with these simple yet powerful tools.

To make it short, Kanbanchi is a revolutionary business tool to keep physical and virtual meetings entertaining, easier to manage and keep projects more organized.

Kanbanchi VS Trello

When mentioning Kanbanchi, it is natural to research more and do check for its possible alternatives. Trello is arguably one of the best competitors to Kanbanchi and for good reasons.

However, which one is the best, and should you choose Kanbanchi over Trello?

First of all, Kanbanchi is a little cheaper than Trello, and that’s definitely something to consider. In fact, you can get Kanbanchi for as little as $7.95 per user per month while Trello will cost you $9.99 per user each month. 

You can also try out the demo version of the software before buying the product from Kanbanchi. This way, you’ll be able to try it and get used to its features and functionality. and understand whether or not the software is suited for your business. 

On the other hand, Trello offers some more features than Kanbanchi. But, is it worth it paying more for more features that you might not even need? That’s up to you and your company to decide. 

Lastly, you can integrate Kanbanchi with Google Apps, Calendar, and Drive. It makes things very practical from a company’s point of view. On the other hand, Trello allows you to integrate your boards with other software such as Slack, Salesforce, Jira, Evernote, or even Mailchimp.

To conclude, both of the Kanban board software are great and affordable. However, if you rather want to save some money and you don’t need other languages than English, Kanbanchi is the right choice for you.

Kanbanchi is the Best Solution for Technology-Powered Meeting

Now that we’ve seen every aspect of using Kanbanchi, we can clearly affirm that it is one of the best online solutions for technology-powered meetings, whether at the office or online. Every company has to come up with some kind of update, new business models, and ways to keep employees happy and motivated, and that’s exactly where Kanbanchi excels.

If you want to elevate your business and to choose the right solution for your business technology-powered meetings, Kanbanchi is the right tool to use. 

Whether you’re willing to keep projects more organized within your company or give more power to your agents, Kanban boards are a powerful tool. And Kanbanchi comes at a very reasonable price.

To conclude, Kanbanchi isn’t only a great project management system. But it’s also a necessary tool to take your business and technology-powered meeting to the next level.

Author: Andrej Fedek is a digital marketer and partner at DigitalNovas and owner of InterCoolStudio, a blog about digital marketing. His passion is to help startups grow and thrive in a competitive environment.

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