Lean Coffee by Kanbanchi. Third cup.


Our team is so glad that Lean Coffee is becoming popular in Russia. And what makes us even more glad that it is becoming popular in our city. When we started we were thinking only within our IT and startups community, but it seems that Lean Coffee poured out of it by now.

The third meeting that took place on March, 19 was devoted to the city we live in, Saratov. There are so many discussions around it among people, both those who live here and those who moved “to a better place”. Some of them think they are lucky, some of them miss Saratov and its quiet lifestyle, some of them are willing to show others all the beauty of Russian province, some of them sincerely can’t understand why foreigners find their city on some websites like saratov-russia.net and come to spend some time here.

Despite of different opinions, more than 30 young people came to Lean Coffee on their weekend to discuss what particular things they can do to make their city better.
Assuming that the topic might be most interesting to Russian speakers, we have a more detailed report in Russian here.

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