New checklists features

Creating checklists is a great way to track steps that should be performed to complete a task. Using checklists you make sure nothing is left out.

Kanbanchi has checklists for a while already.  The process of creation is quick and effortless. You may type tasks manually or copy and paste a list of tasks from a spreadsheet or a document. Card progress is calculated in accordance with the number of items and also the weight set for each of them. By default, the weight is set as 1 for all the items. But you may increase weight for the items in case they are of higher priority or require more efforts. Each card with checklists has a nice visual indicator on the front, so it is easy to understand how many items have been already done and how many the team has yet to complete.

However, we’ve decided to extend the functionality and add some new options for you.

So what’s new?

Assign checklist items to users

Each task should be completed by someone, right? Now you may assign checklist items to your team members and hence be sure the task won’t be left without attention. And, there is no need to choose only one responsible – an item can be assigned to multiple users,

Sort items

Sorting options will help you to focus on the items that should be done. Three options are available: undone items first, done items first and manual sorting. Choose the one that is more convenient for your workflow.

Convert items to subcards

Just one click and a subcard is on the board. Moreover, it is automatically assigned to the team member.

Save time and reduce efforts with the new checklists features in Kanbanchi.

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