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How to Run Projects with a Google Workspace Kanban Board

The arrival of Workspace has added a fresh new look and more integration to Google’s suite of online tools. However, you may wonder whether a Google Workspace Kanban board can perform well to run smooth, professional projects.

More About Google Workspace

This is the updated version of what was G Suite before now. The switch over to Workspace occurred in October 2020 for businesses and brought a series of new logos, as well as a greater focus on integrating the different elements.

Among the most important changes, we can see that it is now possible to do things in different applications. The changes are designed to carry out everyday tasks using the likes of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and so on.    

How Can You Use Google Workspace for Project Management?

One of the key issues that users will be interested in is how to use the slick new Workspace set-up to run their projects better. At first sight, the way that the different parts are all more integrated now is definitely a step in the right direction.

Remote teams, for example, will find that it becomes a lot easier to share their documents and collaborate together seamlessly. Given the huge move towards home working that we have seen in 2020, the timing of this upgrade appears to be perfect.

The lack of a dedicated project management app means that some improvisation is going to be needed. You could certainly use Google Tasks and Google Keep on smaller projects where just a few people are working together. Docs and Sheets could also work in smaller projects quite well. 

But when it comes to larger pieces of work, the limitations of these workarounds become more obvious. They simply aren’t suitable for large-scale, complex projects. So what can be done to help you to use Google Workspace on bigger projects?

Kanban Methodology and Its Usage by Project Managers

Perhaps the Kanban methodology could be what is needed here. This is a fairly simple but highly effective way of organizing workflow in an intuitive way by using a number of columns on a board.

Each task starts at the side, under “To Do”. Then it moves across the board to “In Progress” and then finally arrives at “Done”. Of course, a more complicated project could have extra columns added to it but the basic theory remains the same.

Kanban boards have been around for some time now in the shape of physical examples that often appear on whiteboards. The appearance, in recent years, of online Kanban boards, has made it easier to run big projects with team members all over the planet, so can you use a Google Workspace Kanban board to find the perfect solution?  

The Lack of a Kanban Board in Google Workspace

The bad news is that there is no Kanban board tool in Google Workspace. Since there is no Google Workspace Kanban board, you might consider using a physical board in your office together with the rest of the Google tools we have looked at. This could be workable in small projects where everyone is in the same building at the same time. But it seems likely that it would become unwieldy otherwise.

Another option is to use an online Kanban tool. This makes more sense for remote teams and those project managers who have to organize a large number of tasks across their team. The problem is that using a tool that is not with Workspace will negate some of the benefits you get from using it in the first place.  

Kanbanchi Is Deeply Integrated with Google Workspace

Thankfully, there is a solution that lets you use a Google Workspace Kanban board.  It gives you everything you need and is fully integrated with Workspace at the same time. Kanbanchi is a professional project management app that you can use seamlessly on Workspace. It retains all of the benefits of the increased level of integration offered by the Google suite of tools.

This approach lets you use a comprehensive online Kanban board to control your projects effortlessly wherever you are. It will ensure that every member of the team knows what is going on and remains engaged with the work too.

Another positive point is that the interface is very similar to what you know from Google. So adding it into your daily workload is something that is fast and easy to do. This means that everyone should be up and running with it in next to no time.

Make Your Projects Easier to Handle with Google Workspace

The Kanbanchi tool could be the final piece of the jigsaw that you to put in place to run better projects from now on. By using it together with Workspace, you will get a powerful set of online tools that make life easier for you and your team.

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