what is enterprise project management

What is enterprise project management?

Enterprise Project Management, also known as EPM, is a coordinated approach that allows businesses to handle complex projects more easily. It is typically seen in large companies that are keen to organize their efforts more effectively. What benefits does this bring and what kind of business should be looking to make the change?

The Reasons for Switching to Enterprise Project Management

Traditional project management techniques and methodologies remain popular among many companies in all types of industry. While there are certainly some powerful reasons for working in this way, issues can arise when a business becomes bigger. It grows more complex and the conventional methodologies may become cumbersome and difficult to coordinate.

By switching to enterprise project management, it becomes easier to take an overall approach that takes into account factors such as risk analysis and data analytics. It also covers the way that we can best use the resources that we have, through proper scaling practices and accurate tracking of the progress to date.

Essentially, it stops your resources from being spread out too thinly and without any real sense of coordination between them. The enterprise method consolidates everything in one place. Therefore it is easier to see the full picture at all times.

One of the big benefits seen here is the way that data is gathered for faster, easier analysis across projects. Rather than working on their own in a traditional project setting, the different project managers can all join forces. They can just connect when necessary and see all of the relevant data.

It also ensures a consistent approach to projects across multiple teams. Even if you have a variety of different project managers working on different things, they will all use the same methods, meaning that moving people about or replacing them becomes less troublesome.

What Type of Company Should Move to Enterprise Project Management?

As we have seen, this method of running better projects is ideal for larger companies and those with complex needs. However, this doesn’t mean that smaller businesses can’t also benefit from it.

This way of working allows any sort of company of any size to improve their project work. This is achieved by streamlining the process and working in a more coordinated way at all times. Even on smaller and less complex projects, having a better understanding of the resources being used is a great idea.

A more modestly sized business can have issues due to project managers taking different approaches, just as a bigger company can. One or more of them might not have fully understood or accepted the company vision. Some of them also may stick to processes that have worked for them elsewhere but aren’t right for your company.

Naturally, making the move to enterprise project management is also a way a setting up the business to face the future too. If you expect it to grow over time, then putting the right processes in place early on will help you to expand more smoothly later on.

How to Bring All of Your Projects Together

Perhaps the key to understanding this subject better is in seeing how enterprise project management allows you to bring all of your projects together to a point where you can see the overall big picture more easily.

You will be overseeing various projects at once. It means easy access to the data that you need to make solid, informed decisions on issues such as the resources needed on each one. This lets you understand how they all link together while keeping each project clearly defined in its own right.

One of the first steps to doing this well comes with the setting up of a project management office. This will help to centrally coordinate all of the projects you run and the resources needed in them.

The next step is to look at the software that you need to bring this way of working to life. By choosing the right software, you will get the tools that you need to make this switch a success.

Using Google Workspace and Kanbanchi

With many businesses all over the planet making the move to Google Workspace, the benefits of having a suite of integrated tools that all work together smoothly are well-known. Yet, one of the few areas where the Google package falls short of what you might need is in its lack of a project workflow tool.

This is where the addition of Kanbanchi will allow you to implement an enterprise project management system much easier. It is a task and project management tool that provides you with all of the features that you need to save time and work more efficiently from now on.

For example, you can automate your processes to cut down on the time spent on them. Just as importantly, Kanbanchi gives every team member chance to follow the workflow and see how each item is progressing. A simple, intuitive layout provides you with an at-a-glance view of the current state of play.

This visual approach is ideal for helping you to quickly grasp the current progress of several projects right away. Tracking the tasks’ progress through the entire piece of work is a lot simpler and more intuitive in this way.

As well as the fact real-time data is supplied on the progress of the projects, it is perfectly integrated with Workspace and has a similar interface for ease of use. This means that you can get started smoothly and build a sustainable framework for your present and future projects.

Get started on this smart, modern way of running projects by using the Kanbanchi free trial to make Google Workspace an even better option for running your projects from now on.

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