What is the best task management software?

Each project involves a full load of tasks that should be completed in order to achieve success. To keep track of them and make sure all the processes go smooth can become a real challenge. Apparently, a task management software is the best option to handle the business. As a result, through efficient task management, the team will work in unison.

Do I need a task management software?

Well, to answer the question let’s figure out what capabilities a Task Manager may offer.

  • All the data of the project is centrally and securely stored in one place;
  • You may follow the proposed workflow model or build a custom one that will meet specific team needs;
  • With the help of the tool, you are able to plan and distribute tasks. Any project can be pretty well mapped far ahead;
  • Task prioritisation is the other important component the Task Manager helps with;
  • With the software task progress becomes easy to track which helps to take corrective  measures in time;
  • The ability to work to deadlines and boost team productivity.

Of course, there are lots of people who still cope with all the project management difficulties with a simple notebook and pencil. But isn’t it better to rely on a dedicated tool that gives rise to numerous opportunities? In view of the above, the answer is obvious.

How to choose the right task management software?

First, create a list of key features that you would like to have access to. For instance, you definitely want to set task start and due dates, priorities, assign tasks to multiple users and attach files to tasks. Also, it will be great to have a vast library of project templates in case you don’t want to build a project from a scratch. Second, it is really important to pay attention to the UX and UI of the tool. If the tool has an intuitive interface it will help your team to get on board quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, make sure to test the software. Most part of the tools, provide users with a free trial period. That’s a great opportunity to explore the app with the team and make sure it fits you.

Software platforms and marketplaces will assist in the search for the perfect solution. For instance,  Google Workspace Marketplace has a simple navigation. All you need to do is to choose Productivity as a category and Task Management as a subcategory.

Kanbanchi best task management software

It is better to rely on the rating and reviews and choose the tool with a high score. As you may notice, Kanbanchi is one of the most highly rated task management apps on Google Workspace Marketplace.

What Kanbanchi features make it the best task management software?

Kanbanchi has a pack of all the features you expect from an excellent task management software and even more.


Smart collaboration is always about properly distributed tasks. Some tasks appear to be too complex and if you don’t want your team to get stuck on them, you may use Kanbanchi subcards feature. Split a huge task into several ones so that everybody from the team will handle them. 

kanbanchi best task management software

Card sorting

Various card sorting options are available in Kanbanchi. This is a simple but effective task management feature if you want to keep all the tasks well-ordered.

kanbanchi best task management


Search & Filter

Obviously, it is important to have an opportunity to focus on a specific slice of information. Especially, if you are working on a complex project with a great number of tasks. Kanbanchi search & filter will help you to stay focused and easily navigate through the data.

Opportunity to create cards from the inbox

Kanbanchi Addon for Gmail converts emails into tasks. Find an email with a task and send it straight to the project board.

Task management becomes less challenging with Kanbanchi. Entrust Kanbanchi your projects and you’ll see how efficient your team can be.

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