Wow! Powerful release!

  • Additional notifications for your colleagues who turned them off
  • New options for filtering cards by due dates
  • Auto-marking a card as done when moving to the Done list

Sounds like a combo, doesn’t it? Indeed, this release has three of the most useful features. We hope you are already quite intrigued, so let us tell you about all of them in detail.

Additional notifications

You may ask why you need additional notifications when there are so many options that you may set up in Kanbanchi. However, sometimes it happens, accidentally or deliberately, that your colleagues may turn their notifications off. As a result, they miss something very important and you may discover it at the very worst moment. We hope you’ve never had such situations but those who have had will be so excited to hear that Kanbanchi now has additional notifications. You may notify your colleagues right after an important action that you have done or later when discovering that someone missed their notifications.


Hint: Sending additional notifications will help to draw your colleagues’ attention to boards where their regular notifications are off.

Read our FAQ article with a detailed explanation of the additional notifications functionality.

New options for filtering cards by due dates

This is a great filter enhancement that will save you much time. If you need to filter cards that are due within any period from now, just choose the necessary number of days.

Marking card as done when moving to the Done list

It is probably the most awaited feature since we introduced an option to move the done card to a specific list automatically. Well, now you may choose to have a mirrored action, mark a card as done when you move it to a particular list. Or both types of automation. Set it up to better suit your way of working. Learn the details of card progress automation.

Want to check it out in Kanbanchi?