Kanbanchi Release: Move Card


Hello everyone! It’s release time!

You told us that Drag and Drop gets buggy at times.  Thanks for writing us and helping make Kanbanchu better!We’re hearing you 🙂 So, we came up with a new improved the way to move cards between lists and boards.

To move a card from one dashboard to another, click on the card to see Card Details. There, click the field under inscription Card in list. By default, you’ll see dashboards currently open in one browser tab. To see other dashboards click Load more. Choose the board and the list you want to move a card to.

Done! 🙂

To see a video demo of all of Kanbanchi's features right here, please, accept functionality cookies.

12:42 pm July 24, 2018


I need a quick and easy way to move cards up or down within a list, but not sending them to the top.


    12:56 pm July 24, 2018
    Elena Tolmacheva:

    Claire, you can use drag and drop to organise cards in a list! 🙂

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