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It is soon clear to most new businesses that a little helping hand could go a long way. When you are trying to get a new company up and running then it is definitely important to look for ways to make your life easier.

In this respect, it is well worth taking a look at the fantastic Enterprise Dashboard facilities offered by the Kanbanchi tool. There are a number of huge benefits to using this way of working for you to discover.

Everything You Need in a Visual Way

It is no surprise to see that many entrepreneurs prefer to work in a visual way. Quite simply, for a lot of enterprise businesses it makes sense to have everything they need visually represented rather than have to plough through a lot of words.

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This makes Kanbanchi perfect for them, as the dashboards, workflow control and collaboration details are all beautifully presented and easy to understand in this way. There is no need to spend a lot of time understanding where you are at when everything is so simple and intuitive.

Of course, the end result of this is that you can get more done because you don’t need to waste time wading through long updates and reports. Instead, you can use this dashboard to smoothly get tasks done without any fuss or delay.

Google Integration

Another massive advantage is that Kanbanchi offers you complete Google integration. What is even better is that you just need to sign in with your usual Google account in order to benefit from this useful feature.


You will then be connected to Google Drive so that you can easily store, move and share your dashboards whenever you want to. This is a great way of running a business using some of the best cloud storage options around.

This integration with Google Drive is obviously going to be even more useful if you have a remote team that works from home or abroad. You can monitor, share and control tasks for your whole Enterprise team no matter how close to you or how far away from you they are.

Effortless Deployment

Another big issue for a lot of new companies is around how easily they will be able to roll out their new systems and processes. With so many tasks sitting around waiting to be done there is no time to be wasted on deploying the workflow and task management solutions that you need right now.

Thankfully, when it comes to rolling out Kanbanchi the whole thing is completely painless to get started on. For instance, if you use G Suite then you can effortlessly deploy Kanbanchi to every single user directly from the admin console in the apps section.


By working like this you can get the whole team working together productively from the very start. No matter how big or small your team is, this approach will give you a rapid deployment that makes life easy for your business.

Scalable and Secure

One of the big software challenges for a lot of Enterprise users is in knowing how many users they will eventually have to cater for. Even if you start off small, isn’t there a good chance that you could end up with a much bigger team if your ideas really take off in the way that you hope they will?

Bearing this in mind, it makes perfect sense to use scalable products that you can keep on using no matter how big you become over time. In this way, you never need to worry about upgrading, changing service providers or any of the other inconveniences that this could bring.

To this end, Kanbanchi has been designed and built on Google’s infrastructure by using the same technology and tools used at Google. What this means is that it integrates security at its core and scales automatically based on you need, all the way from zero to millions of users if necessary.

Opportunities to Customise

We fully understand that no two Enterprise users are exactly the same. This diversity and range of needs is what makes this such an exciting world to be part of, but it can also make it difficult to find a solution that suits everyone.

This is where the ability to fully customise and get a private instance of Kanbanchi is so useful. Whatever features you most want on here, you can get them added to make it exactly what you need at any given time.

By doing this, you can get a slick and streamlined task management process that works in exactly the way that your business needs it to work. You will no longer need to worry about your software being filled with features you don’t need and don’t want cluttering up your screen.

All in all, any sort of Enterprise user can make their business easier to run by using the right Kanban board. By choosing Kanbanchi you get all of the benefits of this approach in a modern and highly customisable package that is incredibly easy to use.

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