I really need an API that will pull data from my application into cards. Is this possible at this time? Will it likely be possible?

At this stage, we do not have an API that we can publish and a fully functional API will not likely be released. However, we have already developed a small part of an API, which makes it possible to add cards from Google form to a certain dashboard via an API call.
Here is a detailed instruction.

Please, follow the link below to open the Google Form.


Important: Copy the form to your Google Drive. Don’t make changes to the existing Google Form!

Open the copy of the form.

Click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Script editor. 

You will see the script in a separate browser tab. Open Kanbanchi in another tab and open the board you would like the cards to be sent to. Find the URL of the board in the browser address bar and copy its ID (marked with green in the example link below).

E.g https://kanban-chi.appspot.com/dashboard/6683447989633024/d-6683447989633024

Then open the console of your browser (F12) in the same tab, switch to the Console tab, paste store.getState().model.dashboards[store.getState().model.activeDashboardId].hash and hit Enter. You will be provided with the dashboard hash number. 

Go back to the Script Editor and change the given ID (the first purple arrow) to the ID of your board. Paste the dashboard hash of your board instead of the hash given under the second purple arrow mark.

Click File and choose Save.

Click the clock icon (current project’s triggers).

Click Add trigger in the lower right corner.

In the “Select event type” field choose “On form submit” and save changes. You will be asked to give permissions. Please, click Allow.

Click Save. Now your form should work. Please test it and check if data is pushed correctly to your designated board.

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