How can I set another background for a board and upload my company’s logo?

Open Board Settings panel by clicking on the board name and choosing Board settings in the drop-down menu.

Kanbanchi board details/settings

Choose the Branding tab located next to the Activity tab at the top of the popover window.


To set an existing background, select it in the section titled Pick a premade theme. To browse your theme click on the Change background button in the Customize your own section. Then select a display mode for your background.

  • Default – Use a default image size on background.
  • Tile image – Image in the default size is used like a pattern for the background.
  • Stretch to Full Screen – Image is enlarged proportionally to fit the screen width.


  • Maximum image size is 2MB.
  • You can upload different images for different dashboards.
  • Background will be displayed for every person who has an access to your dashboard.

To set a logo, click on the Change logo button within the Branding tab. Then choose Upload a new image and select a logo from your computer. If you want to get rid of an existing logo,  click on Remove.


  • Maximum logo image size is 500KB.
  • The uploaded logo is displayed on each dashboard of your account.
  • Logo is displayed for every person who has an access to your dashboard.

Note: Only board owner can change board background and add logo. 

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