How can I receive notifications about calendar events?


To receive notifications about calendar events, open the Card Details and click on the Push Due Date in Google Calendar option. You will receive that notification within a day of the configured deadline.

To remove notifications click on the Trash button opposite to inscriptions Due Date: in calendar “Primary calendar”.

Tip: You can configure email & pop-up notifications by using resources of Google Calendar and Google Tasks. After pushing the Start date and Due date into your Google Calendar, click on Start Date: in calendar “Primary calendar” or Due Date: in calendar “Primary calendar”.

Your Google Calendar will be opened in a new browser tab. Find the Start date (Due date) in the calendar and click on it. In the opened window, you will see a wide range of settings. Find the Notification section and choose pop-up or email from the drop-down menu. Then set a quantity of minutes/hours/days or weeks to configure how long before the event you want to receive notification. Click on Add a notification to add more notification mods.

Note: There is only one-way communication between date on cards and Google Calendar. If you change the Start (Due) date in your calendar, the corresponding date on a card of Kanbanchi dashboard will not be changed. But if you remove or change the date within your card, this date will also be changed or removed from the calendar, no matter where in the calendar it is located.

Integration with Google Calendar

Learn more about configuring dates in Google Calendar and Google Tasks

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