ClickUp Alternatives: Kanbanchi for Google Workspace

Why do people search for ClickUp alternatives? One of the reasons may be that you need an easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up application that even not so tech-savvy team members can successfully use.

Kanbanchi is extremely easy and fast to start working with. You start getting value out of the app the first day you and your team sign up. Intuitive and familiar Google apps interface will help to save time on learning. Kanbanchi is developed specifically for Google Workspace users, that’s why people typically spend 15 minutes in the app and start actually working with it.

How do I master Kanbanchi in 15 minutes?

So you are into the idea of getting value out of the app without spending much time learning it? Then, Kanbanchi is exactly what you need!

  1. Watch this short video introduction to Kanban boards first (1 minute)
    To see a video demo of all of Kanbanchi's features right here, please, accept functionality cookies.


  2. Sign up with your Google account (1-3 minutes)
  3. Create a board for your team, add the tasks you are currently working on, and share it with collaborators (5-10 minutes). Watch our video tutorials for more detailed guidance.

Learn more details about Kanbanchi and its features

Kanbanchi is designed for Google Workspace

Kanbanchi is the only of ClickUp alternatives that integrate into your Google Drive, all the information will be stored there. All you need to log in is your Google account, no other logins, and passwords. If you feel the need for a project management app inside your Google Workspace, then Kanbanchi is your best choice.

Store your important files and documents in your company’s Google Drive, and have them attached to project boards in Kanbanchi at the same time. This is an extremely secure way of providing quick access to the information related to your team projects without uploading it to another application.

Other benefits of seamless Google Workspace integration include:

  • Attaching files from your Drive/Shared Drives to Kanbanchi boards in just a second;
  • Adding tasks to your Google calendar and any Google calendar that you have access to;
  • Having similar familiar and intuitive interface;
  • Converting emails to tasks from within your Gmail (including mobile Gmail);
  • Creating tasks from Google Forms;
  • Inheriting access permissions from your Drive settings the same way it works for all other files in your Google Drive;
  • Exporting boards data to Google Spreadsheets. Later you may use them for various purposes;
  • Creating custom reports out of exported Spreadsheets using Google Data Studio.

Learn more about Kanbanchi as a project management tool inside Google Workspace

What if I’m not sure that Kanbanchi is the best project management software for me?

We’ll be honest, there’s no ideal software. But you need to compare how this app or another can help you achieve your goals. Define your goal first. What you would like to achieve with project management software? Then try to set up a board according to the goals of your project.

Think about the tasks that you need to do to achieve your goals, about the stages that those tasks will go through. In a very simplified model of a kanban board, these stages are ‘To do’ – tasks that you need to do to reach your goal, ‘Doing’ – tasks that you are currently performing, and ‘Done’ – what you’ve already accomplished. Your board will look like this.

Start with a free Kanbanchi trial, our team will be with you along the way, we will help you with your boards during the onboarding process. Just get on board. Kanbanchi board 😊

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