Do you have referral and affiliate program?

Kanbanchi has a referral program that allows every user to gift their friends with a 10% discount for the first purchase and get a reward in return. Additionally, we reward affiliates that aren’t our users but want to share one of the best-rated project management apps with their audience.

Referral program

There’s a fast and super-easy way to gift your friends with a 10% discount on their first purchase. Open the Help section in Kanbanchi and click on the referral link, then send it to anyone who is not Kanbanchi user. When they sign-up and make their first purchase, we’ll add promotional credits to your account that cover a month of Kanbanchi usage.

A person who uses your referral link to sign-up will get a 10% discount on their first purchase regardless of the billing amount.

  1. We add up to 12 months of free usage (for 12 friends making a purchase);
  2. We add credits at the end of each month according to your current subscription state. In the case of modifying subscription so that the credits don’t cover monthly expenses, it is added to the bill;
  3. 1 credit = $1;
  4. 10% discount applies only to the first purchase. If it’s a yearly payment, to the payment for the first year. In the case of monthly payments, to the payment of the first month;
  5. When several discounts are available, the biggest applies.

Affiliate program

If you aren’t Kanbanchi user but want to share Kanbanchi with your audience (blog, website, social media, etc.) or you have already used your limit of 12 free months, you may apply to our affiliate program to receive cash rewards.

Fill out this form (Google form) and we’ll reach out to you.

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