Google Keep Alternative: Convert Notes to Actionable Tasks with Kanbanchi

Many Google users prefer Google Keep to other note-creating apps. First of all, the app is part of the Google ecosystem meaning that it has the same intuitive and light interface as other Google apps. The second reason is that notes are visual and easy to scan with a glance, they look familiar as sticky notes on your wall. However, the order of notes may be rather chaotic and it’s hard to keep track of them when you start having more than 10-15 of them. There is a Google Keep alternative with broader functionality but a similar neat design and intuitive interface. It is called Kanbanchi and it’s designed specifically to add value to your Google Workspace products.

Kanbanchi instead of Google Keep or together with Google Keep?

Google Keep is a good app to make notes, for example during a meeting. Later you will want to turn them into actionable tasks and actually start working. Google Keep is not meant for that. Kanbanchi will be a good choice to keep track of your tasks made out of notes and also to work together with colleagues. Kanbanchi also has a number of features for task management that makes it a more powerful tool than Google Keep.

  • Kanban boards to support your workflow
  • Easy sharing within Google drive
  • Real-time changes for faster collaboration
  • Gantt chart to develop a strategy
  • Google Workspace integration to involve all company
  • Gmail integration to convert emails to actionable tasks
  • Google Calendar sync to help you with scheduling

This is just a shortlist of main functionality, though there’s much more in the app that will make your teamwork more effective.

Summarizing it all, you may use Kanbanchi as an alternative for Google Keep or as a complementary app that will help you to convert your notes to actions.

Is Kanbanchi good for personal use?

Yes, 13% of Kanbanchi users are individuals who care about being productive at home. Kanbanchi may be used for personal event planning, structuring your schedule, or collaborating with friends on your shared hobby.

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