Does Google have a project tracker tool?

Google gives no options of project tracker tools to choose from. As we know, Google broad customer base relies heavily on Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, etc. At that time people search for a project tracker tool that would carry out its basic functions well but also integrate with Google services.

Numerous companies have switched from sticky notes on a whiteboard to dedicated project tracking software over the past few years. So that no surprise, project tracker tools have become an essential part of the workflow for so many teams. For those who are just at the very beginning of their digital project tracking path, it is surely important to understand what key features a proper project tracker tool should have.

Project tracker tool key features

Task management

The team should be able to add tasks, allocate them and have different options for categorization and prioritization. Easy navigation is definitely very important.

Project scheduling

Google Calendar serves as a scheduling service for the teams that are on Google Workspace. So a project tracker should be at least integrated with the Calendar. But the ability to see a project on a Gantt chart would be way better. The Gantt chart has proven to be an excellent tool for project planning as it shows project activities on the timeline.

File sharing

Easy access to files is an important aspect of any workflow. You definitely don’t want your teammate to desperately search for a file instead of spending the precious time on real work. Google Drive can serve as a storage place while a project tracker tool can be your compass and lead to specific files.

Also, never forget about security. Google allows users to set Viewer/Commenter/Editor access rights. The project tracker tool should never interfere and change these permissions.


Pretty sure, teams usually use Google Chat or Slack for communication. However, the option to have project-specific communication inside a project tracker tool is also great.


Keeping track of the project progress with the help of reports is essential. How else will the team know that they are moving in the right direction? Of course, Google Data Studio can be used instead. In this case, the team would have an opportunity to export a project to Google Spreadsheets.

Google project tracker tool alternatives

Since there is no native Google project tracker tool, the alternatives can be found on the market. Kanbanchi is the only tool that integrates with Google services seamlessly and meets all the key features of a project tracker tool.

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Kanbanchi project boards behave as Google files in Google Drive. It is absolutely secure as it has no access to files in Google Drive. And even if a file is attached to a card, Kanbanchi can’t read its content but only creates a link between the interface and the file. Such valuable tools as Gantt chart, reports, integration with Google calendar are also present. And much more. Check it out!

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