Google Workspace Features we can use daily

Google Workspace features were designed to help us all work together more easily. Google ecosystem combines a range of cloud computing, collaboration, and productivity tools. Deep integration of all the apps allows you as a user to create new documents or make calls wherever you are and whatever you are working on. Сertainly it saves your time on the tasks that you have to carry out every single day. We can show you how it works by looking at the key components that you will probably get the most benefit from.

Google Workspace Features People Use in Their Daily Routine
  • Gmail. Most customers choose to communicate with businesses by email. Google Workspaces allows you to use an email address with your company name thus helping you to look more professional. So that customers take your messages more seriously. It should also mean that more emails will get to the recipients instead of ending up in the recipients´ spam folders.
  • Google Calendar also should become a big part of your working day if you want to be more organized. It is perfect for scheduling tasks, putting in due dates, and setting up reminders. You even can create separate calendars for various events, giving access to everyone in the team who needs to see them.
  • Google Drive lets you securely store your files and easily access and share them from any device. The search function for this Google Workspace feature gives you an opportunity to search based on the content of the documents, not only just the file name.
  • Google Docs and Google Sheets allow you to create and edit text documents and spreadsheets directly in your browser. You can also very easily import documents and instantly edit them. What’s more, you can collaborate very simply with people even if they use other formats.
google workspace features
  • Google Hangouts Meet and Chat let you communicate with others both on a one-to-one and a group basis. Due to full integration, you can accept invitations from your calendar and email as well.
  • Mobile compatibility ensures that you will access Google Workspace features from any device. At the same time, mobile management allows you to remotely remove all your data from any lost or compromised device.
  • Google Workspace Admin Console gives the business owners an opportunity to manage everything starting from adding new users to managing devices and configuring security settings.
  • Google Workspace Marketplace lets you find thousands of useful add-ons and apps sure to help you to work more efficiently whatever type of business you have. Lots of people look there for a project management tool as Google Workspace has no special tool for it yet. In case you also do, we advise you to pay attention to Kanbanchi.
Why Kanbanchi?

Kanbanchi is an easy-to-start and use project management app with a familiar Google-like interface. It contains an online Kanban board that integrates with your Google Drive and Google Calendar, making it perfect for managing projects. You can attach any Google file to a Kanbanchi card and use a variety of other time-saving features.

Sure, Google Workspace is a great solution for any type of business when it comes to daily tasks like document storage, email management, and team collaboration. But it is incredibly effective when used with a project management tool like Kanbanchi. Add Kanbanchi to your Google Workspace and you’ll easily move your business forward.

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