Google Workspace Project Management App Doesn’t Exist… Now What?

Google Workspace is a powerful pack of apps that are specifically designed to keep teams productive. It brings together the best collaboration, communication, and productivity tools from Google, all in one place. Ant its users need an easy way to set up project management. But Google Workspace has no project management app, even though the demand for this tool is high.

Alternatives For Project Managers That Use Google Workspace 

For those users that have more complicated needs, Google services can not provide decent tools for project management. And while Google Workspace has no project management app, Kanbanchi positions to fill in the void by creating a project management tool for this purpose. It offers great tools features like Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, Time Tracking, Analytics, and much more.

There are a lot of project management apps on the market. But few of them offer a single solution for all possible needs, from simple to complex projects that can be adjusted to any business workflow. And Kanbanchi can do all that.

Kanbanchi Perfectly Integrates With Google Workspace

Kanbanchi provides the needed integration with the other Google Workspace apps and services. You can install it using both a personal account and a company domain account. Kanbanchi perfectly integrates with tools like Google Calendar and Google Drive which will help you to schedule tasks and share documents effortlessly. You can attach your Google files to the boards and cards so you won’t waste any time hunting around for documents, or risk forgetting to grab them in order to complete a task. You can save time by working in a more collaborative environment – even when your team is out. This makes Google Workspace users’ life easier!

Sign up for Kanbanchi today and you will see how easy it is to set up project management!

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