Does Google Workspace have a version of Trello?

Although Trello is a well-known tool, there are people who look for alternatives. There can be a number of motives for the switch. And one of them is the lack of integration with the Google Workspace environment. In order to use Trello for Google Workspace you have to deal with power-ups: investigate the way they work and set them up.

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Does Google Workspace have something like Trello?

Well, Google positions its products like everything that is needed to get anything done. However, there are reasons to doubt as these products alone might be not enough. Most likely, a dedicated productivity tool will be required for successful teamwork. 

So, it becomes clear that Google Workspace doesn’t have a tool similar to Trello.

What can I use instead of Trello for Google Workspace?

Try out Kanbanchi. It is a project management and team collaboration tool made specifically for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Kanbanchi integrates with Google Workspace immediately after signing up. Seamlessly and smoothly. And no snags with “power-ups”. 


Moreover, Kanbanchi uses Google account authentication. It means that your Kanbanchi password is never going to be lost. 

Kanbanchi stores all data, projects and files securely in Google Drive. A Shared Drive storage option is available as well. Google files can be easily attached to tasks and opened with just one click. Access permissions don’t present any difficulties – the same as Google offers. 

Task dates can be added to Google Calendar. So Kanbanchi is a good option for those who rely on Google Calendar as a scheduling service. 

Gmail is a trusted service. Frequently, the inbox contains valuable information that should not be lost. Kanbanchi addon for Gmail converts emails into tasks in seconds. 

And great news for those who are ready to migrate from Trello – import from Trello is available in Kanbanchi. It will make the migration process go quickly


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